BYOD Lawsuits Loom as Work Gets Personal

Will BYOD lead to a rash of lawsuits from employees who feel violated? Or maybe a headline-grabbing, class-action lawsuit? Your company better make sure it has an explicit terms-of-use BYOD agreement. Here are ways companies can protect themselves.



CIO — Like most tragic love stories, the "Bring Your Own Device" affair has come to an abrupt end, a bitter breakup looms, and lawyers are circling.

In the early days of BYOD, say, last year, employees—especially Millennials—fell madly in love with the idea of using their own iPhones, Android smartphones and newfangled tablets for work. They could finally ditch corporate-issued BlackBerrys. BYOD ushered in a new era of consumer tech in the enterprise, one that promised employees and employers will live happily ever after.


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