Net-Tech has always played a strong role in the communities it serves. We always contributed to various charitable organizations in our community. In addition we are active members in the following organizations:

Rotary Club of Seattle

Founded in 1909, the Rotary Club of Seattle has been dedicated to doing good in the world. With approximately 675 members, we're currently the largest Rotary Club internationally, as well as the fourth oldest (hence our nickname, Seattle #4). Our members include some of the region's most prominent business, professional, and civic leaders. We gather at weekly meetings and other functions to fulfill our commitment to the Rotarian ideals of friendship, fellowship, and service to others.

Seattle Executives Association

Seattle Executives Association was the first business networking organization in the state.

In the early 1900's, Seattle experienced tremendous growth and development. With WWI, the creation of the Port of Seattle district and much of the city's infrastructure put in place, Seattle was experiencing a boom which brought new consumers to the shores of Elliott Bay.

Seattle Executives Association was established in 1917 by small group of businessmen who believed that they could increase their sales by sharing information about ships coming to port to buy goods. In addition each could refer their clients to others in the group and therefore reduce the time and resources needed for each to locate new business. So by getting together weekly to share their knowledge, each prospered! This concept remains a strong business development approach today, nearly a100 years later. Seattle Execs members come together at weekly luncheon meetings to get to know the products and services each member provides and share information about "who is looking to buy."