Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Net-Tech offers a dynamic Exchange Hosting service that allows you to have the functionality of an in-house Exchange Server without the overhead, staffing and maintenance burden. With Net-Tech’s Hosted Exchange, you are able to realize all the benefits of company synchronization with a scalable cost as a monthly operating business expense.
What does Net-Tech’s Hosted Exchange allow you to do? Start with a fully licensed version of Outlook for each user to leverage a full set of tools, then:


  • Use the built in Scheduling Assistant to efficiently book meetings involving multiple employees, even specific to certain customers.
  • Easily Schedule Out-of-Office messages to both internal and external recipients.
  • Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to give your company a comprehensive management system guaranteeing that your whole team responsible for each customer account stays in the loop and up to speed.


  • Task management, shared calendars and user specific distribution groups allow you to disperse information efficiently, with up to the minute accuracy.
  • A searchable Global Address Book makes reaching any company contact as simple as typing a few letters.
  • Take advantage of SharePoint Services to make your document creation teams more effective than if they were all sitting around the same table tackling a project.


Most people think of Outlook as an email client, but once Net-Tech helps you delve into the power of Hosted Exchange, you will realize the far-reaching effects our Hosting services can have on your business.

Outlook Web Access

Enriched capacities to take advantage of the Web allowing your employees to use the power of Exchange Mail Hosting—it goes way beyond simple email send/receive. Almost without regard to the computer or system your employee uses to log in, they will be able to read attachments in HTML even if the application that created the document does not reside on their local computer. This robust new interface puts the power of a personalized desktop in your employee’s hands even on a public computer. With Net-Tech’s Hosted Exchange Services you can feel safe knowing that security has been completely integrated and extended for your privacy.

Outlook Mobile Access

Your employees will no longer concern themselves with getting email. Instead, they will be empowered to use mobile devices, Web browsers, Outlook and Entourage for anywhere, anytime access to the tools that make business happen. With synchronized, organized information, push notifications and two-way mobile sync you allow them to stay on the top of their game and allow a Windows Mobile device, Blackberry, iPhone or Android to function truly as a communication hub while important business events transpire.

Intelligent Mail Filter

Along with the power of email frequently come dreaded attempts to slow down your company’s productivity from spammers. Rest assured that the spam filters Net-Tech employs minimize unwanted and time-wasteful email traffic they might otherwise need to wade through while trying to perform what is actually important. In addition, your whole company has the ability to edit and manage server-side mailbox rules and view content in managed email folders for a customizable level of filtering.

Finally, what you don’t get:

  • Hardware Costs
  • Licensing Costs
  • IT Costs
  • Security Concerns