Virtual Datacenter Services

Many enterprises are intrigued by the potential benefits of the public cloud, but aren’t willing to sacrifice security, visibility and control to get them. With Net-Tech’s Virtual Datacenter Services you can protect your in-house IT investments and augment existing application infrastructures with public cloud resources, enabling a hybrid cloud strategy. In today’s world, IT needs to be able to react to requests quickly, have insight into how resources are being used and where, and become more strategic by leveraging their resources more effectively. With Net-Tech’s Virtual Datacenter Services, Net-Tech helps you achieve those strategic IT goals. You will have access to a resilient and scalable cloud hosting environment developed with enterprise-class virtualization technology.

Start small (or large) and adjust as you go with the flexibility of Net-Tech’s Virtual Datacenter Services. With Virtual Datacenter, you don’t need to worry about over or under-provisioning because you can easily subtract and add capacity as you go, paying for only what you use.

Net-Tech provides an enterprise-class cloud infrastructure with compatible management, security, application portability and business agility. Use of the same virtualization technology provides a common management and security model that enables workloads to move between internal data centers and private cloud to Net-Tech’s VHN (Cloud Computing Services). VHN delivers consistent and auditable security as well as technical capabilities such as network isolation, role-based access control and directory services integration.