Total Care and Support

Total Care is a 24/7 proactive management solution that identifies potential problems and resolves the incidents that impact business productivity. The combination of advance technology, best practices methodology, and an efficient ticketing system optimizes performance, validates network events, and ensures immediate response to critical alerts.

Total Care offers a comprehensive view of all aspects of your IT environments to give insight on multiple network components simultaneously. We can zoom in to monitor and manage complex databases and critical business systems. Total Care coupled with our Support team provides the most comprehensive coverage for proactively managing a network.


  • Lightweight and efficient agent technology for Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Complete audit and inventory of installed software and hardware configurations
  • User-defined system and device monitoring with immediate notification
  • Instant remote control from anywhere to any place at any time
  • End user self-service portal and ticket submission
  • Comprehensive dashboards and customized reporting
  • Automated patch deployment and approval process
  • Rules-based software deployment
  • Flexible administration and customization

Often businesses lack the time or resources necessary to build a stable foundation of support for their IT infrastructure. This leads to a reactive approach to IT problems and tends to snowball resulting in rising recovery costs, lost data from failed servers, unproductive employees, compromised security and absence of clear documentation. By choosing Net-Tech’s Total Care and Support, you’ll receive an affordable, secure way to address problems before they occur, ensuring your systems operate optimally at all times. In addition you’ll have access to a fully staffed help desk as well as a team of technicians and engineers for any issues that need to be escalated to a subject matter expert.