Adopting Cloud Services

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the big buzz word in the IT industry right now. So, the question is – what does cloud computing really mean, and what can the “cloud” do for your business? Better yet, are cloud computing services the right fit for your business?

Cloud computing is simply a metaphor for the internet and describes the way information technology is accessed. It is another way of saying that your services (such as applications) or your hardware (such as servers and PCs) are hosted at a separate IT facility, such as a data center, whereby you can access what you need remotely via a secure, internet connection.

Are Cloud Computing Services a Fit for My Business?

Cloud computing services are a fit for many businesses that want to outsource all or portions of their IT department and who desire to reduce their costs. Whether cloud computing services make sense for your business largely depends on what types of applications are used to run your business and how these applications are distributed. If these services are a fit for your company, cloud computing can provide you with the IT services you need on a monthly fee basis. Instead of investing large sums of money up front for your IT infrastructure, hosted services allow you pay as you go by “renting” hardware, software, licensing, support, and/or management services as part of your monthly IT solution. In short, all or part of your IT applications and services can be hosted offsite; however, often times a hybrid solution of on-premise services combined with cloud applications are the best approach.

Cloud Computing Assessment

While cloud computing services can reduce costs on maintenance and support fees for many companies, for others it is beneficial to maintain servers and desktops at their business location. Net-Tech’s team of certified IT professionals can provide a full Technical Assessment of your business and IT infrastructure to help determine if Cloud Computing Services would be the best and most cost effective way to outsource your IT services. Often times it is determined that a hybrid approach of hosted computing services and maintaining some services at the client environment is the best fit for the company. Let our team help you create a roadmap that will afford you the best long-term IT solutions.