Microsoft SharePoint delivers remote and on-site collaboration capabilities that enable business professionals to share documents and meet corporate goals. Based on a familiar Microsoft Office experience that employees can easily navigate, SharePoint is the go-to tool for document management and document collaboration for small and medium-sized businesses. SharePoint allows your team to manage documents and share ideas, expertise and vital business analytics from multiple devices, including PCs, browsers, smartphones or tablets. Plus, SharePoint supports intranet, extranet and web applications through a single integrated platform that employees can reach from the workplace, on-the-go or while working from home. SharePoint’s accessibility ensures business needs and solutions are met with a quicker response and efficient, team-based collaboration.

Once accessed, SharePoint’s business collaborate platform—called My Sites—can be developed into personal pages where each team member can access team sites, enterprise wikis and custom pages. My Sites improve organizational efficacy while helping employees stay connected in and out of the office. Because SharePoint is based on the Microsoft Office experience, work completed in the SharePoint Workspace can be saved whether or not team members are connected to a network. Once they reconnect with the corresponding SharePoint site, the SharePoint Workspace automatically synchronizes the changes made offline, and other users will be able to review changes immediately. Thanks to SharePoint’s language options, sharing with team members who speak different languages is as easy as selecting language preferences.

With support from Net-Tech, Microsoft SharePoint is easy to deploy and configure with your current technology. SharePoint readily integrates with all Microsoft technology, including GP business financial solutions and CRM’s client-friendly platform, making it easier than ever to develop new materials and analyze logistics. Available on premise or in the cloud, the transition to Microsoft SharePoint is seamless, and Net-Tech’s unparalleled client service will support your business every step of the way.

Net-Tech delivers a consultative approach to business technology by leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics for medium and small business solutions. Our client-first atmosphere focuses on understanding your business needs and aligning customized solutions designed to help your business become faster, smarter and more efficient. Our Certified Microsoft Engineers experience and the subject matter expertise to help you grow your company into the future.