Technology Roadmap

Like any map, the true purpose of an IT roadmap is not to identify where your final destination is, but rather show you how to get there. Today businesses have more varying technology options than ever before. New solutions based on cloud computing make it even more challenging for businesses to choose which direction they should go. Therefore, it has become even more critical to plan out an IT strategy for years to come so that you can mitigate the loss of capital and resources that can result from testing out new solutions. Net-Tech has created many roadmaps for businesses of all sizes that have given them step by step directions on how to get where they want to be with their technology needs.

From desktop to datacenter, physical or cloud, the rapid and inevitable changes in technology will eventually affect every area of your business whether you plan for them or not. That is why Net-Tech emphasizes crucial IT roadmap strategies to steer your business in the right direction, from the start. We create customized and agile IT roadmaps that enable us to work with your business to identify a variety of technology solutions that can be implemented incrementally over time to help align and reach strategic IT and business goals.

When you partner with Net-Tech for your IT roadmap strategies, you not only leverage our own thought leadership, you take advantage of the relationships we maintain with global leaders like Microsoft, Dell, Symantec, and Citrix.

Major Road Map Considerations:

  • Cloud Service Integration
  • Mobility
  • Hardware and Software as a Service
  • Federated Identity Management and Single Sign-on solutions
  • Virtualization at Server, Desktop and SAN
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Back up and Archiving
  • Capacity Planning / Growth

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