Virtual Hosted Network Solutions

Cloud Computing Meets Business Agenda

Cloud computing has introduced the concept of elastic computing and computing resources made available on a pay as you go basis. Businesses like the idea of what cloud computing has to offer but are challenged with questions around implementation, ongoing management and costs. Net-Tech has been addressing these types of questions for years, ever since we brought on board our first cloud computing customer in 2007 way before the term cloud computing became the buzz word it is today. Many IT Service companies today are just beginning to roll out the types of cloud computing service offerings that Net-Tech has been offering for years. Where they are just getting familiar with supporting such offerings, Net-Tech has experience. We have been through the trials and tribulations of developing, delivering and supporting new cloud computing solutions and have an established base of customers to show for it. Let us help you address all the questions you have around cloud computing starting with the basic question of, “what is cloud computing and what can it do for my business?”

Virtual Hosted Network (VHN) has been Net-Tech’s exclusive brand for cloud computing services since 2007. This service was launched to address challenges small businesses faced in maintaining a reliable infrastructure for growth, mobility and collaboration across multiple offices. The following lists some of the key benefits of Net-Tech’s Virtual Hosted Network.

  • The Other Way
    Traditionally if a business wanted a network it involved getting a server and all the things that go into setting it up (domains, permissions, active directory etc.). Today, businesses can have all the collaborative features of a network as a hosted service that provides more reliability, security and stability, not to mention tremendous cost savings.
  • Subscription Based Services
    One of the main benefits of cloud computing services is the ability to pay as you go. In other words, pay for only the services you need for the amount of users you need it for. Net-Tech is able to offer its VHN services on a per user basis so that businesses can scale up or down, wherever and whenever depending on their business needs.
  • Get away from the Software licensing cycle
    Today with so many services going to the cloud, software vendors are changing their model of pricing their products. The concept of software as a service has driven software vendors to allow service providers to issue their applications on a subscription bases. This eliminates huge upfront costs of buying software and eliminates annual licensing and assurance costs. Businesses can now subscribe to the applications they need on an as needed basis without having to worry about upgrading.
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