Business Continuity

Business as usual, even after a disaster

All businesses, but especially those in regulated industries, need to back up their data and develop disaster recovery plans. These plans should include the processes to be followed in the event of a disaster or other outage to restore normal business operations, also called business continuity plans. Net-Tech advocates planning, prevention and protection to make sure your business thrives no matter what comes your way. We do this through our all-in-one solution, Total Care Cloud, which includes backups, disaster recovery and business continuity planning and implementation for your organization. With Net-Tech, your data is backed up both locally and off-site. Your data is available even during a storage provider outage because it is backed-up in the cloud. We have a fail-safe in place by storing your data in both Microsoft Azure’s and Amazon Web Services’ cloud storage. Your data is protected no matter what happens.

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The folks at Net-Tech did more than just anticipate a network problem. They spoke with their friends and families of the athletes or the athletes themselves. That’s what matters.

Eric Corning
Vice President Production
2018 USA Games

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