Stop Trying to Predict the Future: How to Get the IT Hardware You Need

Stop Trying to Predict the Future: How to Get the IT Hardware You Need

It’s been years since you updated your business’ hardware. Max’s computer is so slow, he can turn it on, go get coffee from the breakroom and return just in time for the log-in screen to appear. The wait is finally over; you have the budget to buy new computers and now you need to answer questions like:

  • Is it better to purchase outright or lease and make monthly payments?
  • Should we buy laptops or desktops?
  • How many do we need?

You’re eager to acquire new equipment but no longer can you afford to think about your current needs in isolation. Whether you purchase or lease, you’ll be locked into your decision for the duration of the technology’s lifecycle – typically 36 to 48 months.

Consider the 3 hypothetical scenarios below and ask yourself: Can you accurately predict what your hardware needs will be 1 or 2 years after you make your decision?

1. You Chose to Purchase Hardware Outright

Knowing you want full ownership of your technology, you decide you’ll purchase rather than lease hardware. Desktops are less expensive than laptops, so you buy each member of your team a brand new desktop computer.

A work-from-home policy is introduced

Now, employees need to access technology outside the office. You could install the desktops at their homes, but then they won’t have a computer if they want to work in the office. Your only other option is to acquire laptops. Since you can’t return the desktops and they’ll have little resale value, you’ll regain little to no value from your initial IT investment.

2. You Enter a 36-Month Lease for 100 Laptops through Your Managed Service Provider

Attracted to the fixed monthly fee and happy you don’t have to make a large, upfront investment, you choose to lease laptops for 36 months through an offer from your MSP.

One year into the lease, 10 new employees are hired

Because it’s only 10 employees, you choose to buy the computers. Unfortunately, the laptop everyone else has isn’t available. Now your hardware isn’t standard. That can create compatibility issues and increase your IT support costs.

Two years into the lease, the company downsizes

After a few down months, the only option is to lay off 30 employees. They don’t need their computers, but you’re locked into your lease and continue to pay for 30 laptops no one is using.

3. Your PTO Partner includes Hardware for Your Organization

You enter Net-Tech’s Professional Technology Organization (PTO) program. You’ll only pay for the technology you need that month. If one month you need 30 laptops and the next month it drops to 20, the PTO adjusts your plan. Your hardware grows and scales with you.

8 months into the agreement, you take advantage of an opportunity and add seasonal staff

Your PTO provides the hardware your new, temporary staff needs. PTOs have a backlog of hardware, ensuring that when new members join your team, they receive the same computer as everyone else. The machines are configured to your specifications.

4 months later, the seasonal team leaves

Once the seasonal team has left, the PTO removes the excess hardware. Since you didn’t purchase a license or enter a lease, you aren’t stuck with additional costs.

Net-Tech is a PTO – Providing Flexible IT Solutions

At Net-Tech, we’re committed to providing IT solutions to a variety of organizations. For instance, we work with several staffing agencies. Nearly every job an agency fills has a technology requirement. By partnering with us, the agencies access a repository of hardware. We can bring this flexibility to your organization. Be more agile. Contact us today: 425-452-8324.