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We understand the unique needs CPA firms have when it comes to IT, and Net-Tech has the experience to tackle them.


We Know What CPAs Are Up Against

Software that is Headache Inducing Img

Software that is Headache-Inducing

How many times a day are you struggling with Wolters Kluer Tax and Accounting software? We have had experience with CCH since the early 1990’s, so we know how frustrating and unreliable this software can be. That’s why we offer an IT subscription program to firms like yours. It can ensure you’re improving software reliability, cutting down on hosting costs, and getting the assistance you deserve and actually need when you run into an issue with your software.

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A Hectic First Quarter

Net-Tech understands what the first quarter of the year is like for CPA’s. With a work schedule that can last 18 hours a day, 6 to 7 days a week, you need IT support that is there when you need it – not just during work hours. Since we know the software you’re using inside and out unlike other IT firms that may not have an expert always on hand, Net-Tech’s team can help at any time, day or night, when you have an emergency for no extra charge.


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Temporary IT Needs

Especially for the hectic first quarter, it’s normal for CPA’s to hire temporary staff members. You don’t need those onboarding solutions or computers year round, so we offer temporary solutions for your temporary employees including computers and costs.

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Compliance Requirements

Insurance companies are coming to CPA’s and accounting firms to check their data security and network security measures. Compliance is no longer an option. Firms need to be compliant and use vendors that are compliant, or they risk their insurance policies and their entire business. IT Security is built straight into the foundation of our PTO program, and we can help you pass these questionnaires.


Prepare Your Firm for the Future With Total Care Cloud

Total Care Cloud is exactly what CPA firms and accountants require to succeed and stay secure in the industry. Net-Tech offers an IT subscription program that not only fits you today, but grows and changes with your company. We focus on security, uptime, and business continuity to ensure that your experts are thinking less about technology and more about the work and numbers at hand.

Save on Hosting Costs

Our team can help you with a better hosting experience that costs less, meaning you don’t have to wait four years to see the positive ROI – you see it right away.

Temporary Solutions for Temporary Needs

We understand that you bring on temporary staff, so we offer solutions that fit your firm’s ever-changing needs without the hassle. During high tax season, many companies waste money purchasing computers for their temporary staff that end up sitting on the shelf when the staff leave.

24/7 Emergency IT Services

Net-Tech offers 24/7 emergency IT services to each of our clients, built straight into our IT subscription program, so you can rest assured Net-Tech is available to trouble shoot issues & problems after hours, weekends.

Compliance Checks Done For You

Focus more than ever on your firm and less on insurance compliance – we have security baked into our services and understand what insurance companies are looking for.

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Nearly 30 Years of Experience in the Industry

We’ve been working with CPA’s and CCH software since the early 1990’s. Net-Tech understands what you’re regularly facing in your day-to-day work. We offer solutions and IT programs that help you meet those challenges including a true cloud app that you do not have to manage in house, remote and hybrid work solutions, troubleshooting after hours that is included in the subscription, and compliance assistance. Our experts handle the IT concerns and problems for you, so you can focus on what you do best.

Don’t Put Your Firm at Risk

Failing to focus on IT can put your entire firm at risk. You could be experiencing higher-than-needed costs, loss of insurance due to lack of compliance, and productivity when you’re struggling with finicky software. When these problems compound, you could go out of business. You can reduce your risk.

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How Does an IT Subscription Program Work With Net-Tech?

We can help your firm find the best solutions and IT support that fit your changing needs.


schedule an assessment

We start with an assessment


you subscribe

You subscribe to one of our plans


Migrate your Data

We work to migrate your data



You have more time to focus on your business


Intentional Change Is Our Difference​

Total Care Cloud, our IT subscription program, takes a long-term view of your technology. As a Professional Technology Organization (PTO), we intentionally plan change with goals, objectives and outcomes laid out to measure progress. Our program typically looks at up to 4 years out on planning, where typical MSP service plans only look ahead 12 to 18 months.​

Our goal is to understand your real estate management needs, so we can align them with your network capabilities to continually improve your IT experience without major capital expenditures. Here at Net-Tech, we don’t simply “take the keys” to your network, we sit down with you to make sure your goals and objectives are supported by your IT infrastructure.

While a “take the keys” approach may address your current needs, it doesn’t allow for scalability. With a Net-Tech IT subscription program, your IT support is built around enabling business growth and achieving your objectives, so your network is continuously evolving to meet your ever-changing needs.

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Perry, Shelton, Walker & Associates

“Being CPAs, we are party to a lot of confidential information. It was important for us to adhere to our industry standards and the law. Our big concern was to make sure that the information that we had was being securely stored and that we were able to keep up with the industry. We have quirky software, and Net-Tech are champions of it. They work with other CPA firms, and they understand what problems are universal to our industry.

As a professional technology organization, Net-Tech quickly responds to our needs. I’ve worked with some of their staff for 10-15 years. Net-Tech knows our business.