It’s Time To Break Up With Your IT Support Provider When …

It’s Time To Break Up With Your IT Support Provider When …

Every organization needs to be able to count on their IT support team. Whether a computer won’t turn on or it’s time to think about big-picture tech strategy, decision-makers need to be confident that their IT team can handle the problem efficiently and securely.

Fluctuations in IT costs and IT support are frustrating. If you’re consistently experiencing problems with your IT provider, or if your costs are high but you’re barely using your IT support, then it may be time to find a new IT team.

What Does A Good IT Support Provider Do in 2022?

Think about the best restaurant meal that you’ve recently enjoyed. The quality of the food is important, but the ambiance, the customer service, the options, and so many other factors all affect your overall experience. Even the descriptions of the dishes on the menu impact your interaction with that restaurant.

A fantastic meal is the result of many different factors combining to create a high-quality experience. Excellent IT support is similar. It’s about much more than simple break-fix solutions and standard security. In 2022, good IT support will encompass many different factors.

Is It Time To Break Up With Your Current IT Support Provider?

Think about these 9 factors to find out if you need to switch to a new IT support provider.

1. Your network and computers used to work well – but they don’t anymore.

Are you regularly experiencing hardware or connection issues? If you can’t get your managed IT services provider to fix them in an appropriate amount of time, this is a red flag.

2. Your IT support team isn’t providing the level of IT security protection you need.

Hackers are constantly thinking of new ways to try to deceive employees and exploit network vulnerabilities. If your IT solutions team isn’t regularly reviewing your IT security approach, it might be time to move on.

3. They won’t give you straight answers.

Some questions have nuanced, complex answers, but if your IT support provider consistently gives you more vague answers than clear ones, that’s another red flag.

4. They aren’t listening to you.

Your concerns matter. If your IT team isn’t taking the time to listen to you (whether that’s over a video meeting or during a voice call), this may be your sign to move on.

5. They aren’t communicating with you.

Not communicating is equally as bad as not listening. If you never hear from your IT team until there’s an urgent situation, they aren’t communicating as they should be.

Your IT team should also be open to communicating on your behalf. For example, Net-Tech will act as your IT department when talking to your vendors who are not included in our scope of work, such as your telephony system, your accounting software, and your ERP package.

6. They no longer are aligned with the direction your organization is going.

Leadership changes happen all the time at organizations of all sizes. If your IT provider has new leadership or a new policy that’s not aligned with how your organization plans to operate in the future, this could be the sign that it’s time to let go.

7. They want to solve their problems with your money.

You’re not paying your IT support team so that they can work through their own issues. Using your money to troubleshoot their problems is a major red flag. If you’re noticing a pattern of this behavior, it’s time to say goodbye.

8. Your costs keep going up … and up … and up …

While inflation is to be expected to a certain extent, if you notice that your IT costs are increasing more often than you anticipated (or that those costs are increasing by drastic amounts), it’s time for a conversation – or maybe a break-up call.

9. They don’t adhere to high-quality standards.

Many managed IT services providers can’t create a standard that they can hold all their clients to. If one client doesn’t agree to follow the provider’s advice, then the MSP can’t sell the standard fast enough to implement it across their client base.

This happens in all industries. For example, Boeing did not tell Southwest Airlines that a standard safety feature had been deactivated on the 737 Max jets. The lack of communication combined with the lack of standardization (the manual was incorrect) led to a disastrous crash.

Why Net-Tech Is the Better Answer

It may be difficult to say goodbye to your current IT support provider, but if they aren’t offering you the level of service that you’re paying for, it’s time to say goodbye.

At Net-Tech, we prioritize supporting your goals and simultaneously adhering to the highest quality security standards. As a professional technology organization (PTO), we approach your tech with a different mindset than most managed IT services providers out there.

Our Total Care Cloud subscription program offers a wide range of support, ranging from hardware and infrastructure as a service to multicloud architecture and much more. Net-Tech will have conversations at the C-Suite level that will help your leadership team make more informed decisions regarding your tech strategy in the long term.

In the short term, Net-Tech can audit your current IT support plan. Our team will help you rightsize your IT spend, helping you gain both consistency and satisfaction. Take the guesswork out of tech support by scheduling a complimentary IT support audit today.

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