Business Continuity

Stability and Accountability through Proper Management and Planning

Whatever your organization does, if a major incident affects you it is vital that you and your associates have plans to continue your business and maintain a minimum level of operational normality for its duration. Then determine when, where and how to return to normal operations.

This planning approach is called business continuity management, which is an umbrella term describing a range of solutions employed by an organization for containing, coping with and recovering from a major incident or disaster which has impacted an organization’s operational functions.

Everyone is familiar with the major incidents that cause disruption — fire, bomb, flood, IT failure. But others, such as failure of a key supplier to deliver goods or services on time or just a simple power outage that lasts for days can be equally devastating. You may be familiar with the statistics that show that as many as 90% of organizations which do not have well planned and regularly rehearsed business continuity solutions never recover from a disaster. Thus, it is important for all organizations from the smallest to the biggest to have an approach for dealing with such contingencies.

Net-Tech advocates planning, prevention, and protection to make sure your business thrives no matter what comes your way. No client of ours has ever – or will ever – lose their business due to the loss of critical data. Let us help you protect your company against the disasters that can literally put you out of business.


  • Pragmatic, scalable solutions appropriate to the size and nature of organization, budget and perceived level of risk
  • Ongoing maintenance and management of plans and the services that support them
  • Excellent technical IT infrastructure designers, implementers, project managers and procurement specialists for disaster recovery solutions
  • Assistance in complying with major regulations: SEC, NASD, GLBA, NYSE, SOX, HIPAA etc.