Data Management Services

A better, more cost-effective way to manage your data


Outsource Your Data Management Because You Have Better Things to Do

When dealing with endless amounts of data, businesses require robust, flexible and standardized data management services. Net-Tech presents a comprehensive approach to handling data while ensuring businesses are compliant, efficient and protected, all as part of our Total Care Cloud IT support program.

Why Choose Net-Tech for Data Management Services

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Customized SharePoint Integration

Unlike traditional managed IT services providers, we don’t just use existing SharePoint keys. We redesign SharePoint sites, maintaining a structure consistent with our unique file-sharing method, ensuring maximum support and coherence.


Architectural Blueprint

Our standardization runs deep. It’s not just about managing data; it’s about creating an entire ecosystem around it. Think of an old house with a shaky foundation. We don’t patch it up. We rebuild from the ground up, ensuring stability and compliance.



Our solution model brings enterprise-level features to small and mid-sized businesses. Companies can save on overhead by not having to hire a full-fledged IT team. Plus, our data retention strategy ensures businesses get the most out of services like AWS and Azure, potentially expediting their ROI.

Security and Compliance

With data breaches becoming more frequent, the importance of security can’t be overstated. Our systems ensure roles, permissions and data access are well-documented and strictly enforced, reducing the risk of internal breaches.

Say Goodbye to Chaotic Data with Net-Tech. Here’s What You Can Expect


Our automation ensures actions that could breach compliance standards are automatically prevented. This reduces the risk of human error and guarantees consistent adherence to standards.

Faster Onboarding

With our structured processes, employees become operational more quickly, saving both time and money.

Robust Compliance

Less risk, better adherence and a higher degree of integrity are ensured.

Standardized Processes

Simplified onboarding and a high degree of data integrity streamline operations, resulting in a more efficient workflow.

Ignoring Data Management Will Not Make Problems Go Away, It’ll Create Them

Ignoring Data Management Will Not Make Problems Go Away, It’ll Create Them

Neglecting proper data management can lead to a handful of organizational pitfalls, from compromised security to inconsistent business processes.

  • Internal Data Breaches: A single error in permissions could lead to data sprawl, duplication or even contract violations. Our service ensures permissions are carefully managed to prevent potential catastrophes.
  • Wasted Time on Redundant Processes: Without a standardized process, employee onboarding becomes a pain point. With Net-Tech, businesses can expect a smooth, consistent onboarding experience.


Key Components of Net-Tech’s Data Management Standards

  • Breach Alert: Any modification on the system gives us a clue if a breach is imminent.
  • Documentation and Compliance: If unsure about network setup, our well-documented systems provide clarity, enabling easy audits.
  • Reset Mechanism: With a single click, any unsanctioned changes to permissions on the network can be restored.

Key Components of Net-Tech’s Data Management Standards

Demystifying Misconceptions from Other Cloud Solution Providers

Azure/AWS: Many organizations treat these platforms like banks – they’re merely a place to store your data or money. Successful data management is a separate challenge. Many believe that once data is in Azure, it’s safe. However, Azure only offers a 3-month backup. The message is clear: Data storage and data management are two distinct concerns, and we specialize in the latter.

Don’t Let Data Overwhelm You. Working with Us is Easy – We Meet You Where You Are

Don’t Let Data Overwhelm You. Working with Us is Easy – We Meet You Where You Are

We recognize that not every business is ready to overhaul their data management processes overnight. That’s why we approach change tolerance with empathy, guiding clients at a pace they’re comfortable with. Whether they’re data hoarders, overwhelmed with complexity or resistant to change, we walk with them, instilling a vision of a healthier, more secure network.

  1. Client Collaboration: A technical account manager collaborates with department heads to define roles and responsibilities.

  2. Data Structuring: It’s not just about storing data, but understanding and organizing it efficiently.

  3. Blueprint Creation: Before implementation, a detailed blueprint of the entire process is created, ensuring transparency and clarity.

  4. Support and Growth: Once the blueprint is operational, clients can expect consistent support and room for growth.


Make Data an Asset, Not a Liability with Net-Tech

Data management isn’t just about storage. It’s about understanding, structuring and protecting that data within an ecosystem that streamlines your business operations. Net-Tech has honed a unique approach to this, combining our expertise with cutting-edge automation to provide a service that’s not just efficient, but also visionary. Our commitment is to ensure that when businesses think of data, they see an asset, not a liability. Let us know when you’re ready to make the leap. We’re here for you.

slash“We were experiencing slow response times from our IT provider and our files were a mess! We were working with multiple people from their team, which led to a disorganized system. We were never sure where information was stored. We weren’t happy with the direction they were providing.

Three years ago we switched to Net-Tech who gave us one standardized system for organizing our files. Now, everyone across our organization understands how the system is laid out and how to use it effectively. Since partnering with Net-Tech, we not only have a better file system, but our security is stronger, our remote workforce is better equipped, and we have more confidence in our technology.”

Brian, Village Life Homes