Infrastructure as a Service

Technology Asset Program (TAP) by Net-Tech

How Can Infrastructure as a Service Protect Your
Building and Data?

No matter when your building was constructed, all commercial real estate structures are highly vulnerable to operations disruptions and cyberattacks. Every day vendors and engineers connect to your system networks, without a cohesive security plan. With each new solution you add, so do your security risks. Hackers can shut down these systems for ransom payments, or infiltrate your corporate network and engage and password and identity theft.

You need IT solutions designed to keep your building systems secure and running 24x7x365.

Net-Tech Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions provide local businesses and organizations a proven strategy for cutting technology costs, introducing stability through disaster recovery planning, and helping you leverage robust IT Security strategies. We eliminate risk by putting building systems on a secure, completely separate network. Then vendors, building management and engineers are given secure access only to the systems they need while keeping hackers out. By providing an improved, reliable network, IaaS makes it easier for everyone on-site to access the data they need as well as connect with colleagues, business partners.

Infrastructure as a Service that is ready for all future solutions

IT issues often take a back seat to problems that directly impact clients or revenue. We understand why. When budgets are tight, it’s easier to see how investing in your sales team can bring in new business. It’s harder to estimate the positive ROI from investing in IT Security solutions.

Net-Tech ensures that all future building solutions are connected, secured and monitored, saving CAPEX and OPEX in cabling and implementation costs.

IaaS lets you stop thinking

IaaS lets you stop thinking about technology

Property managers need a team to provide constant protection for all your building systems. You would never expect one security guard to be on duty 24/7/365. Today’s IT infrastructure are complex. Clients with our IaaS solution don’t worry about their IT problems. They know we’re always there, maintaining their IT, preventing issues before they happen and solving problems when they do. IaaS solutions built by Net-tech manage on-premise security systems, IT Security in the cloud, servers, data centers, backups and network storage.

Benefits of Net-Tech's Infrastructure as a Service:
  • Leverage secure smart building solutions
  • Ease building system operations staff to handle day-to-day
  • Supporting centralized management and remote device-level monitoring of building services
  • Extending functionality and system agility
  • Adding significant building asset value
  • Reducing OPEX spending
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Leverage IoT without sacrificing

Leverage IoT without sacrificing security

What tech attracts new tenants? Is current building network system ready for whatever IoT you want to put into your building?

IaaS is crucial for new technologies. More buildings and offices are installing Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are constantly connected to the internet through sensors, software or other technologies. A major benefit is the ability to remotely manage and monitor physical systems – like access and heat. It’s convenient for you, and cybercriminals.

How can you be sure your building systems aren’t vulnerable?

When it comes time for your building to upgrade a system – whether it’s the elevator, HVAC, lighting or something else – those systems might link to those IoT devices, exposing them to malicious actors

A strong business continuity plan from Net-Tech includes built in provisions for IoT security.

Net-Tech protects critical systems

Net-Tech’s experienced teams will set up a streamlined system that works from day one. Instead of juggling multiple vendors with their own systems, you can rely on a centralized, secure system with Net-Tech.

  • Monitoring and maintenance of network equipment 24x7x365
  • Maintaining and replacing of core network equipment as needed
  • Public Wi-Fi monitoring and maintenance, including DMCA “Safe Harbor” and CALEA compliance
  • Automatic network and WiFi equipment software and firmware updates
  • Real-time notifications of outages, and best practice protocols for service restoration

Never worry about neglected, vulnerable or outdated equipment or security programs

Your equipment and systems will be evaluated and updated on a regular schedule. We maintain your inventory. Hardware and software are replaced. Your technology is never obsolete. You don’t have to think about updates or added bills. This is already priced into the service.

Improve Your Business by Using Infrastructure as a Service

For almost four decades, property managers and management companies have relied upon Net-Tech’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service IT solutions. We provide our clients with solid technological foundations structured to their unique needs. Every employee gains access to a common technological platform, giving your business the freedom to grow and expand as needed.

For those seeking virtualized computing resources over the Internet, our pay as you go offering can optimize your existing infrastructure with the goal of streamlining operations and cutting costs.

Net-Tech will help you find out. Through our Infrastructure as a Service, we will consider all of your building management systems and design a network security plan that will keep you protected. Rea how Net-Tech is helping with IaaS

What’s included?

  • Managed Wireless
  • Managed Firewall
  • Managed Switches
  • Data Center-as-a-Service

Outcomes you can expect

  • Infrastructure efficiency
  • Vendor management
  • Happy employees
  • Secure access
  • Uptime
  • Compliant solutions
  • Strategic direction
  • Long term ROI
  • Cost transparency
  • Consistency and responsiveness

The IT direction for your company is planned, executed, and evolves with the industry. All you need to do is decide what model of device you want for your employees. We handle the rest in a budgetable, scalable delivery.

4 Steps to Joining an Enterprise IT Subscription Program

The IT direction for your company is planned, executed, and evolves with the industry. All you need to do is decide what model of device you want for your employees. We handle the rest in a budgetable, scalable delivery.

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