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Expert IT Services for Seattle’s Medical Practices

Give yourself and your doctors more time to focus on patient care with expert IT support from Net-Tech that will help your medical practice be in compliance and operate more efficiently.

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Don’t Let Your Medical Practice Risk Failing an Audit

Are you completely confident that all of your patient data, IT systems, and online processes are in compliance with regulatory standards?

If you are not in compliance with HIPAA, Washington Department of Health regulations, or other standards that apply to your medical practice, you could face serious consequences. A lack of compliance could lead to many consequences for your practice, including:

  • Losing insurance coverage
  • Facing fines or fees
  • Potentially even losing your license

Compliance is a serious issue that medical practices face, but it’s not the only one. When IT problems consistently disrupt your work, your patient care suffers.


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Net-Tech’s IT Support – Experts in YOUR Industry

Whether you have an internal IT team or you work with a managed services provider (MSP), if your current IT department cannot solve your tech problems in a timely manner, that’s a problem. If they consistently state that purchasing a new product will solve the problem, or if you’re billed a surprise IT fee again and again, it’s time to find a new IT partner.

Some IT departments are qualified at managing specific medical practice line-of-business applications, but they don’t have the tools needed to make sure your practice is in compliance with regulatory standards. Many traditional MSPs are able to do one or the other – but not both.

At Net-Tech, we make it our priority to be experts on your business applications and your compliance needs. We have the resources to provide your organization with high-quality IT service for your line-of-business apps and the necessary skills to help you pass audits.

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Net-Tech Provides Comprehensive Tech Solutions for Medical Practices

Net-Tech is a Professional Technology Organization, meaning we offer ground-up IT solutions for our clients. We believe your IT team should do more than meet the minimum standards, and our PTO is designed to meet each of our clients’ IT needs.

We will set up the necessary systems to produce the reports your medical practice needs to pass audits. We’ll also implement the processes and standards your employees will follow to maintain compliance. Net-Tech takes the extra decision-making tasks off your plate.

With our Total Care Cloud subscription, you will receive fully managed IT support, including hardware, software as a service, and 24/7 support. We provide:

  • Remote Workforce by NetMotion
  • Hardware & Infrastructure as a Service
  • Software and Line of Business Application Hosting
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • IT Security


Net-Tech also has extensive experience with specialist medical practice line-of-business applications, such as:

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Grow Your Practice With Expert IT Support

When your medical practice partners with Net-Tech, you’ll see how a PTO differs every step of the way from an MSP. You’ll benefit from streamlined services: your equipment, labor, and other IT services will be rolled up into one package, eliminating gaps and the issues they create.

You’ll also benefit from future-proofed infrastructure. Your hardware won’t be so customized that it creates problems when your medical practice grows. Net-Tech will design your systems so they scale, and we offer the comprehensive IT support Seattle medical practices need to thrive.


Stay Compliant and Efficient With Net-Tech

If you’re paying for IT but you’re not receiving the level of support that you need, it’s time to find a new IT support team. Net-Tech’s approach as a professional technology organization is aimed at helping your medical practice operate efficiently and in compliance with regulations so that you can focus on patient care and growth.


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Net-Tech’s Step-by-Step Process for Partnering With Medical Practices

We follow a straightforward process for our healthcare clients:


schedule an assessment

Schedule an assessment of your medical practice’s IT needs


you subscribe

You subscribe to the Net-Tech plan that works best for you


Migrate your Data

Net-Tech migrates your data to your new systems



You and your doctors focus on patient care


Intentional Change Is Our Difference​

Total Care Cloud, our IT subscription program, takes a long-term view of your technology. As a Professional Technology Organization (PTO), we intentionally plan change with goals, objectives and outcomes laid out to measure progress. Our program typically looks at up to 4 years out on planning, where typical MSP service plans only look ahead 12 to 18 months.​

Our goal is to understand your real estate management needs, so we can align them with your network capabilities to continually improve your IT experience without major capital expenditures. Here at Net-Tech, we don’t simply “take the keys” to your network, we sit down with you to make sure your goals and objectives are supported by your IT infrastructure.

While a “take the keys” approach may address your current needs, it doesn’t allow for scalability. With a Net-Tech IT subscription program, your IT support is built around enabling business growth and achieving your objectives, so your network is continuously evolving to meet your ever-changing needs.

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Poma Fertility, Kew Technologies

“With our previous provider, IT services were very expensive. They used band-aids for problems instead of seeking long-term solutions. We were always over budget, and it felt like they wanted to nickel and dime us.

Working with Net-Tech, we’re now a paperless clinic using electronic medical records. We have backup and an added a layer of security and watchfulness that we did not have in the past.

Net-Tech’s monthly subscription includes everything. We have reduced unexpected costs and we stay within our budget. Net-Tech is very responsive, easy to work with, and like friends.