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Antiquated Systems and Data Breaches

Antiquated Systems & Data Breaches: A Disaster Risk for Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations face issues when their information technology can no longer keep up with the growth of their movement. If you’re stuck with an antiquated system that’s not flexible enough to grow or scalable enough to adapt to your organization’s needs, that causes problems.

Settling for the systems you currently have because of grant requirements can lead to large-scale issues. You should be able to work with any organization, small or large, without encountering disruptive technology issues due to antiquated systems. It’s also critical that your systems and data are both updated and secure enough to pass an audit. You could miss out on funds and grants if you can’t meet audit requirements.

Think of All the Headaches You Could Avoid with the Right Non-Profit IT Support

Without the right level of IT support, you experience more downtime, more technology disruptions, and less security. A data breach could leak sensitive information about employees, volunteers, and donors. Not having the right managed IT services or enough IT security could damage your organization’s reputation.


Right Non-Profit IT Support
Total Care Cloud

Total Care Cloud Protects Your Data and Your Time

With the Total Care Cloud solution from Net-Tech, you’ll receive the all-encompassing solution to these issues rather than a partial fix. Updated systems, around-the-clock data protection, and scalable tools from Total Care Cloud will help protect your non-profit’s resources now and in the future.

The Total Care Cloud solution is an IT subscription program that takes care of all of your IT needs, from hardware and software to cloud services and from infrastructure security to employee access. Net-Tech, as a Professional Technology Organization, provides non-profits with a consistent set of standards that have been proven to stand the test of time, regardless of how many new employees or volunteers walk through your doors. With Total Care Cloud, you’ll spend less time making IT decisions and more time focusing on achieving your mission.


Expert IT Services Will Empower Your Non-Profit

You need to know that your employees and volunteers will be able to work efficiently and securely. The Total Care Cloud plan includes strategic IT services so that you can rely on your technology to help you secure the grants and funding you need. Our solution provides the strategic technical support services for your organization.

In line with our values as a Professional Technology Organization, our approach to your IT needs is completely holistic. You’ll receive:

  • Optimized desktops and laptops
  • Asset management
  • Enhanced network infrastructure
  • Unlimited remote and onsite support

Security is a constant concern. With advanced IT security solutions, you can rest easier knowing that you’re taking the right steps to protect your data – and the data of everyone involved in your non-profit.


How to Eliminate Wasted Time and Frustration on Tech

Discover How Net-Tech can Help You Achieve Your Mission

Net-Tech has served non-profits with IT support since 1983. We provide streamlined services, ongoing support, and future-proofed infrastructure so that you can focus on your long-term goals and not worry about day-to-day tech issues. You’ll be able to share your long-term IT strategy with donors and auditors when necessary.

With our unique approach as a Professional Technology Organization, Net-Tech provides the complete IT support Seattle non-profits need. We prioritize empowering you to fulfill your mission while adhering to the highest quality security standards. With a wide range of IT support, from hardware and infrastructure to employee cybersecurity training, we can help you make more informed decisions regarding your tech strategy in the long term.

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How to Get Your Non-Profit Started with Net-Tech

Net-Tech can help your non-profit increase its IT security and efficiency through our holistic approach.


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Net-Tech migrates your data and systems.


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