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Net-Tech's Surgical Approach to Managing & Securing Your Building IT.


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Building Management Systems Need Maintaining and Security Monitoring

Property management teams must continually maintain, update, repair, and refresh building management systems to standards that might be difficult to meet, especially when it comes to IT Security. Now with tenants having a myriad of IoT (internet of things) devices they want to connect to, you also encounter the problem of having too many circuits. Since many of those devices require dedicated internet circuits, now you have a building that is vulnerable to cyber threats and not cost-effective.

Other Common Problems Property Managers Face

Attempting to keep multiple building management systems running and secure on your own when you don’t have the tools or the time can lead to major issues, including:


Old equipment remains a frustrating burden


Your tenants may experience downtime


Cybersecurity breaches (worst-case scenario)


Infrastructure as a Service Is the Key

Stop operations disruptions and cyberattacks before they even happen. With Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), your building management system’s entire strategy changes. We put your management platforms on a completely separate and secure network and then grant access to building management, engineers, and third-party vendors on an as-needed basis. IaaS provides the IT support Seattle property management teams need through an improved, reliable network that allows for more connections and more security.

IaaS Solves Your Operations Problems

Tenant Improvements

Every 2-3 years you roll out tenant improvements. The same should be true of your network. Net-Tech will offboard your old building management technology and onboard the new. We’ll maintain your inventory, replace it, and refresh it as your old solutions become obsolete.

Systems like elevator management systems and energy management systems work through general public-spectrum Wi-Fi – which is a bridge point that can be exploited. While system manufacturers are aware of this and try to engineer their products to a higher security standard, at the end of the day it is up to the building IT department to make sure these systems are not exploited.


Your Building Needs to Evolve Along with Technology

With the growth of Internet of Things (IoT), many property owners and property management teams rely on this new type of technology that connects to the internet. However, many IoT devices require a dedicated internet circuit for management. This could result in the building owner paying for 10 different DSL lines or Comcast circuits, with each one dedicated to a different building management system.

This is extremely cost-inefficient for the building owner. While the current engineers may have adopted this approach for security reasons, it’s possible to share the circuits for more cost efficiency and without increasing the chances of a security breach. Your parking and HVAC systems can be on the same circuit without creating vulnerabilities – if they’re set up correctly. Net-Tech provides the IT services that can create that system for you.

See How to Protect Your Building and Data

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The Net-Tech Difference

Net-Tech has demonstrated to property management companies that we can untangle and simplify many different systems and vendors. We can manage your systems with one ISP or two ISPs that are redundant to each other.

With IaaS from Net-Tech, one building engineer can, from one location, securely access systems that are based in multiple buildings that are all under Net-Tech management. By allowing one engineer to securely and remotely operate several building management systems from one location, you can significantly reduce downtime.

Hardware as a Service

Net-Tech also provides Hardware as a Service (Iaas), including same-day parts replacements.
We can:

Manage your public Wi-Fi

Manage your public Wi-Fi

Increase uptime for your tenants

Increase uptime for your tenants

Reduce your net operating costs

Reduce your net operating costs

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How Your Property Management Team Can Get Started

Net-Tech provides IT support that will approach your building management systems strategically and help you plan for the future.


schedule an assessment

We’ll visit your site and assess your building management systems.


you subscribe

You subscribe to the IaaS solution.


Migrate your Data

We migrate your systems and your data.



You focus on your property management priorities.


Intentional Change Is Our Difference​

Total Care Cloud, our IT subscription program, takes a long-term view of your technology. As a Professional Technology Organization (PTO), we intentionally plan change with goals, objectives and outcomes laid out to measure progress. Our program typically looks at up to 4 years out on planning, where typical MSP service plans only look ahead 12 to 18 months.​

Our goal is to understand your real estate management needs, so we can align them with your network capabilities to continually improve your IT experience without major capital expenditures. Here at Net-Tech, we don’t simply “take the keys” to your network, we sit down with you to make sure your goals and objectives are supported by your IT infrastructure. ​​

While a “take the keys” approach may address your current needs, it doesn’t allow for scalability. With a Net-Tech IT subscription program, your IT support is built around enabling business growth and achieving your objectives, so your network is continuously evolving to meet your ever-changing needs.

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Wright Runstad

“We had multiple IT providers using different systems for the buildings we own and manage. Our IT cost changed depending on the building and the vendor. We consistently ran into surprise problems and unexpected costs that took us away from our business goals.

After we signed on with Net-Tech, they gave us a simple, standard cost based on the building’s floorplan. Their flat fee helps us manage our budgets for our different properties. Net-Tech also gave our engineers the ability to securely and remotely access building management systems, which cuts down on our labor costs. Our IT works and there are no surprises with Net-Tech.”

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G.L. Dart,

Founder, Net-Tech

Net-Tech is a professional technology organization, meaning we take more actions than an MSP. We operate based on a monthly fee, so you’ll always know what your IT bill will be. We don’t charge extra when you need extra help – we’re your end-to-end IT department, and we take all decision-making related to IT off our clients’ plates.” ​