My Best Practice: Programs vs. Services

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Programs vs. Services: Which one gets you better results? Read this fun, light hearted story about how to get your IT in shape with a personalized, long-term strategy.

You’ve heard of Managed Services Providers (MSPs). Like gyms, they can be found on every corner, and we can all name a few people who pay for gym memberships but never go. Our latest book, My Best Practice: Programs vs. Services, explains how the promise of a service doesn’t guarantee results or protection and can even create more stress for your organization. However, an IT program offered by a Professional Technology Organization (PTO) is like a personal trainer, differing from a service because it includes an actionable plan with clear objectives that can be measured. Accountability is essential when it comes to fitness and IT programs – and there’s no guarantee of accountability with a service.

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What you’ll learn from My Best Practice: Programs vs. Services:

  • Understand the IT services model: Find out how these services are structured and what they do and don’t offer.
  • Discover the benefits of an IT subscription program: Learn how an IT subscription program adjusts according to your needs and forms a long-term approach to your technology.
  • Evaluate reliability: Understand how IT services vs. an IT subscription program approach reliability and provide consistent results.
  • How to question your current IT services provider: Discover a handful of topics to address with your IT provider to see if they’re hitting the mark with your technology or doing the bare minimum.

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