A managed service provider (MSP) only provides IT labor services and support of existing systems. A professional technology organization (PTO) goes beyond this model to also include hardware, software and data center management for superior cloud-based solutions.
In-house IT personnel are limited to his/her experience and background. With an IT subscription program from Net-Tech, you have the backing of a team that will be able to assess and recommend solutions based upon current best practices and collective experiences across a variety IT environments.
The Net-Tech Total Care Cloud IT subscription program solution includes the best enterprise-grade hardware to support how you do business. If your hardware is the equivalent of what we offer, a credit can be given toward a subscription price. However, we often recommend upgrades, which are included in your agreement.
Net-Tech works with many different types of organizations of all different sizes, including small organizations. Our IT subscription service is a great fit for any size business. Book a call with us to learn more.
Yes, our IT subscription program is designed to scale up or down with your organization as your needs change.
Although each onboarding experience can vary, a 90-day window is expected to ensure a smooth transition of your permissions, employee security and IT best practices.
At Net-Tech, we believe your ROI goes beyond the “cost” of your IT systems and solutions. Our Total Care Cloud IT subscription program covers and supports your entire technology ecosystem. Although our offering certainly will not be the cheapest option, we work with your team to keep your costs down and your productivity high.
We understand that your IT needs may change over time. Total Care Cloud, the IT subscription program offered by Net-Tech, a Professional Technology Organization, includes a comprehensive model for all of your hardware, software, IT Security and support needs; thus, a 3-to-4-year minimum agreement is required. Should you need to make a change, a buyout clause can be invoked based upon the remaining agreement duration.

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