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Escape the Revolving Door of IT Issues

In the past, your clients typically provided the device for your consultant. Now, providing that equipment is up to you. Your consultant should be able to collaborate efficiently with your client to meet contract staff augmentation, employee new hire placement, and additional needs using a device you provide.

At the same time, your data security should be a top priority. That makes determining appropriate access levels for your consultants, who aren’t internal staff members, a challenge. Your consultant doesn’t need – and shouldn’t have – access to all your staffing company’s internal data. If a client was exploited by a cybercriminal and your consultant’s device was compromised in that attack, that could leave your data vulnerable too.


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Total Care Cloud is Custom-Built to Your Needs

Clear communication is important, but it can’t be at the expense of your data security. Our team at Net-Tech has established an effective process for managing consultant access that we’re able to repeat quickly for our staffing clients. We’ll provide a solution for access controls and storing data internally and externally. Our fine-tuned process allows you to grow and scale fast, and we come to you to solve your IT problems. With our Total Care Cloud, your technology is custom-built to suit your company’s needs. Our subscription program includes equipment, programs, and a variety of functions to support your security needs.

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The Total Care Cloud Program includes:

  • Multi-cloud Architecture
  • Employee Identity Automation
  • Hardware & Infrastructure as a Service
  • Remote Workforce powered by NetMotion
  • Backup/Disaster Recovery


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We Replicate an Efficient Process Instead of Patching a Hole

As a professional technology organization, Net-Tech has a different approach than other IT services providers. We provide hardware, software and data center management for superior cloud-based solutions. On the other hand, managed services providers only provide IT labor and support for existing systems. We won’t just put a Band-Aid over a recurring issue. Our team of experts will work closely with you on-site to solve the problem for the long term, and to repeat the solution quickly when necessary.

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Don’t Leave Your Staffing Company’s Data Security to Chance

When you only use temporary solutions to fix ongoing problems, you waste time and create vulnerabilities. Your data, and possibly your clients’ data, is at risk when you patch holes instead of operate on a securely built foundation. Growing your staffing company will take a backseat to managing ongoing issues with your consultants’ technology. Take control by working with our experts at Net-Tech.


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How To Get Started With Net-Tech


schedule an assessment

Schedule a time for Net-Tech to assess your wealth management company’s needs.


you subscribe

Subscribe to Net-Tech’s Total Care Cloud for comprehensive IT support.


Migrate your Data

Net-Tech migrates your data.



You focus on your client relationships and we handle your IT.


Intentional Change Is Our Difference​

Total Care Cloud, our IT subscription program, takes a long-term view of your technology. As a Professional Technology Organization (PTO), we intentionally plan change with goals, objectives and outcomes laid out to measure progress. Our program typically looks at up to 4 years out on planning, where typical MSP service plans only look ahead 12 to 18 months.​

Our goal is to understand your real estate management needs, so we can align them with your network capabilities to continually improve your IT experience without major capital expenditures. Here at Net-Tech, we don’t simply “take the keys” to your network, we sit down with you to make sure your goals and objectives are supported by your IT infrastructure. ​​

While a “take the keys” approach may address your current needs, it doesn’t allow for scalability. With a Net-Tech IT subscription program, your IT support is built around enabling business growth and achieving your objectives, so your network is continuously evolving to meet your ever-changing needs.

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“Our team went from 0-600 employees in 10-12 years, and Net-Tech was there the whole time. They helped us win client engagements and referred us business. Net-Tech really are a true partner which was important to us.

Net-Tech is small enough to be nimble and responsive, but big enough to keep employees and businesses satisfied. They innovate and provide the professional technology solutions we need as we grow. Net-Tech made commitments we were confident in. They are sincere, caring, thoughtful about our relationship, and a great partner.”