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“Our team went from 0-600 employees in 10-12 years, and Net-Tech was there the whole time. They helped us win client engagements and referred us business. Net-Tech really are a true partner which was important to us.

Net-Tech is small enough to be nimble and responsive, but big enough to keep employees and businesses satisfied. They innovate and provide the professional technology solutions we need as we grow. Net-Tech made commitments we were confident in. They are sincere, caring, thoughtful about our relationship, and a great partner.”

Bill, AIM Consulting

“Being CPAs, we are party to a lot of confidential information. It was important for us to adhere to our industry standards and the law. Our big concern was to make sure that the information that we had was being securely stored and that we were able to keep up with the industry. We have quirky software, and Net-Tech are champions of it. They work with other CPA firms, and they understand what problems are universal to our industry.

As a professional technology organization, Net-Tech quickly responds to our needs. I’ve worked with some of their staff for 10-15 years. Net-Tech knows our business.

Brigid, Perry, Shelton, Walker & Associates

“With our previous provider, IT services were very expensive. They used band-aids for problems instead of seeking long-term solutions. We were always over budget, and it felt like they wanted to nickel and dime us.

Working with Net-Tech, we’re now a paperless clinic using electronic medical records. We have backup and an added a layer of security and watchfulness that we did not have in the past.

Net-Tech’s monthly subscription includes everything. We have reduced unexpected costs and we stay within our budget. Net-Tech is very responsive, easy to work with, and like friends.”

Klaus, Poma Fertility, Kew Technologies

“Our last IT consultant was in the office so much that I thought he was an employee. Our system was unstable, and our IT was a mess. We were looking for someone who would take care of us, keep our data safe, protect us from phishing scams and traps, and improve our cybersecurity.

With Net-Tech, things have been much more consistent and our IT works better. Net-Tech has met our needs providing stability and consistency. Things just work. And when they don’t work, Net-Tech fixes it.”

John, Klevens Capital

“We were really unhappy with our IT service provider. They had a slow response time and we had to pester them to find a solution, so it was time to make a change.

What Net-Tech has set up for us is a flawless system. We’ve had no difficulties with the systems. We don’t deal with IT problems at all. There are no interruptions during the day with tech issues, so we’re more productive. As a professional technology organization, Net-Tech has saved us so much time. They just take tech off of our hands. It’s seriously the most amazing thing. We can count on them to be the pros.”

Kristi, Highland Wealth Management

“We were experiencing slow response times from our IT provider and our files were a mess! We were working with multiple people from their team, which led to a disorganized system. We were never sure where information was stored. We weren’t happy with the direction they were providing.

Three years ago we switched to Net-Tech who gave us one standardized system for organizing our files. Now, everyone across our organization understands how the system is laid out and how to use it effectively. Since partnering with Net-Tech, we not only have a better file system, but our security is stronger, our remote workforce is better equipped, and we have more confidence in our technology.”

Brian, Village Life Homes

“I wanted a good partner to take care of our computers. Net-Tech has helped us manage our computers with ease. I was looking for an IT provider that we could have a good relationship with, and Net-Tech provides prompt service. I personally know Matt Bratlien, and he has always taken good care of us. He has a great team.”

John, Washington Window and Door

“We had multiple IT providers using different systems for the buildings we own and manage. Our IT cost changed depending on the building and the vendor. We consistently ran into surprise problems and unexpected costs that took us away from our business goals.

After we signed on with Net-Tech, they gave us a simple, standard cost based on the building’s floorplan. Their flat fee helps us manage our budgets for our different properties. Net-Tech also gave our engineers the ability to securely and remotely access building management systems, which cuts down on our labor costs. Our IT works and there are no surprises with Net-Tech.”

Ronni, Wright Runstad

Net-Tech is a professional technology organization, meaning we take more actions than an MSP. We operate based on a monthly fee, so you’ll always know what your IT bill will be. We don’t charge extra when you need extra help – we’re your end-to-end IT department, and we take all decision-making related to IT off our clients’ plates.”

G.L. Dart, Founder, Net-Tech

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