Total Care (TC)

The Managed IT Services that organizations need to thrive

Expect More Out of Your Managed IT Services

Elevated MSP

Superior Support

Unlimited onsite and remote support for your team members when they need technical help.


Security Management

Build and manage tools and subscription services to keep your data and employees protected.


Remote Workforce Management

Build and manage tools to keep your workforce connected to your systems when off site and work from home.


Software & LOB Management

Build and manage the systems and subscriptions your legacy line of business applications utilizes per your manufacturers specifications.


Backup / Disaster Recovery

Build and manage your own custom backup and disaster recovery systems to suit your budget and compliance needs.


Hardware as a Service

Desktop and laptops included in the program with no term commitments. Use only what you need and have the option to upgrade or downgrade hardware when your needs change.


Cover your IT bases at a competitive rate.

Traditional managed IT services are the best option for many small businesses and startups. At this time, your organization may not need all-encompassing IT support. But without the right tech foundation in place, you won’t be able to grow. Our Total Care program offers the baseline managed IT services Seattle organizations need to thrive.

Get Better IT with Net-Tech


Total Care is your first line of defense

At Net-Tech, we know that some organizations wish to maintain control over their IT strategy. To do that, parts of your plan might need to be outsourced to be executed properly. The problem is … how to add scalability and project resources for unexpected tech challenges that can overwhelm your current IT team members. You need the right IT services team for those advanced issues.


Fixing your technology should not be taking up time better spent on growing your organization.

We understand your frustrations with keeping up with constantly changing IT priorities. That’s why we created Total Care, our managed IT services program. Under Total Care, we partner with you to implement and continuously improve upon a customized, comprehensive IT services plan for your organization. We solve the unresolved issues once and for all and keep your staff working. We provide the IT support Seattle organizations need to run smoothly. Stop trying to do it all yourself. With Total Care, you maintain an active role in the decision-making but you also receive the expert guidance and support you need.


Total Care is ideal for …

Organizations that have the subject matter expertise and resources to make decisions about IT infrastructure including hardware, software and IT security but need a trustworthy managed IT services provider to help execute key components of their strategy.

Talk to an Expert

We’re not your ordinary IT support Seattle team.

At our core, Net-Tech is a Professional Technology Organization (PTO). We offer the managed IT services Seattle organizations depend on, but we are more than just your run-of-the-mill MSP. Take a look at how our philosophy as a PTO sets us apart from the ordinary MSPs out there.


We Approach IT Services Differently

We work from the ground up to build the best possible IT infrastructure for your organization. To do that, we require our engineers to be more skilled and more qualified than what you’d expect from any managed IT services provider.


Your Growth Path to Comprehensive IT

Because we are a PTO, we never look for shortcuts to fix your IT problems. We start with our standardized processes and tailor them to fit each organization’s needs.


Access to Expert Engineers

While you might not need all the bells and whistles for your IT support now, you may need more extensive support later. Total Care sets your organization up for an easy transition to our all-inclusive Total Care Cloud program.

We’ll be your partner and tech guide.

With Total Care, you can still take the lead on your overall IT strategy and your day-to-day decision-making. Here are the innovative IT support solutions you’ll receive:

Superior Support
  • 24x7 US-based help desk support
  • Unlimited on-site and remote support
  • Vendor support for telephone and line-of-business applications
  • CIO services included
Hardware as a Service
  • Laptops and desktops replaced every 36 months
Disaster Recovery
  • Management of off-site backup and disaster recovery systems
Information Security
  • Management of off-site backup and disaster recovery systems
Remote Workforce
  • Management, setup and support of employees using a VPN from their home office or off-site location
Software included with LOB Hosting
  • Support for legacy applications and line-of-business software

Receive nothing but the best Seattle IT services

Our Total Care managed IT services program covers your bases and sets you up for future success. We offer the expert IT support Seattle organizations need. Our team at Net-Tech is proud of our strategic and expert approach. We want you to be informed and aware each step of the way. Before you sign on the dotted line, take a look at what you can expect:

  • Predictable pricing for standard support
  • Fast response to IT support queries
  • Productive employees – whether remote or on-site
  • Less downtime
  • Strategic guidance based on your unique IT infrastructure
  • Secure IT data, networks and employees
  • Compliant solutions for regulated industries
  • Opportunity for growth into the Total Care Cloud

4 Steps to Experience a Higher Level of IT Service

You stay involved in your organization’s IT decision making. We manage the day-to-day IT and provide expert guidance and support.

1. Schedule an assessment

2. We build your IT strategy

3. You approve your strategy

4. You get expert IT service and support

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Poma Fertility, Kew Technologies

“With our previous provider, IT services were very expensive. They used band-aids for problems instead of seeking long-term solutions. We were always over budget, and it felt like they wanted to nickel and dime us.

Working with Net-Tech we’re now a paperless clinic using electronic medical records. We have backup and an added a layer of security and watchfulness that we did not have in the past. Net-Tech’s monthly subscription includes everything. We have reduced unexpected costs and we stay within our budget. Net-Tech is very responsive, easy to work with, and like friends.”

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Klevens Capital

“Our last IT consultant was in the office so much that I thought he was an employee. Our system was unstable, and our IT was a mess. We were looking for someone who would take care of us, keep our data safe, protect us from phishing scams and traps, and improve our cybersecurity.

With Net-Tech, things have been much more consistent and our IT works better. Net-Tech has met our needs providing stability and consistency. Things just work. And when they don’t work, Net-Tech fixes it.”