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Stop downtime and faulty IT before they damage your organization.


76% of organizations experience downtime that leads to data loss.


The costs of IT downtime for SMBs range from $137 - $427 per minute.


Over 60% of outages cost more than $100,000.


The average internal IT employee costs organizations over $8,600 per month.


Companies spend an average of $250 per user or computer per month on IT support.

Don’t allow downtime to impact employee productivity and derail your organization.
Get the IT support you need to reduce and stop these interruptions before they occur.

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Why an IT Subscription Program Beats Managed IT Services​

A surprise bill lands on your desk for an IT problem that should never have happened in the first place. An employee approaches you with a tech problem you had last month – it’s happening again. You find yourself picking up the phone and calling your managed IT services provider more often than you ever expected.

Our team at Net-Tech thinks this approach to IT support is outdated and unsustainable. We provide an IT Subscription Program that covers all of your IT needs at one predictable cost. Whether it’s making sure your systems work, increasing your cybersecurity measures or offering long-term tech strategic guidance, Net-Tech has the expertise to make your IT goals a reality.

Choose an IT Subscription Program,
Not Just a Service

Don’t rely on partial solutions for complex technology needs. Here’s how managed IT services stack up to our IT Subscription Program.

IT Subscription Program
Managed IT Services IT Subscription Program
Reacts to problems with your tech Uses proactive planning to reduce or eliminate tech problems
Focuses on the here and now Collaborates with you to plan for your goals and objectives 3-4 years in the future
Bills you for additional projects and upgrades to your IT system No surprise bills - you can expect one predictable IT cost

The Right IT Support for Your Industry

Each industry has its own set of IT priorities and needs. Healthcare organizations need to be confident that systems are compliant with all HIPAA and local guidelines. Construction companies need advanced support across worksites. No matter what your needs are, Net-Tech can help. Since 1983, we have provided IT support to Seattle organizations.

We support organizations in the following industries:

Robust IT Services Options from Net-Tech

No two organizations are exactly alike. Net-Tech wants you to reach your business goals, and choosing the right level of IT support is key. We offer several IT subscription solutions to choose from so that you pay for the IT services that you need – no more and no less.



Our most comprehensive solution includes our security framework, on-site support, backup and disaster recovery, long-term tech strategy, all the hardware your organization needs and more.

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Total Care is ideal for organizations that can comfortably make IT decisions but need a partner to execute strategy. We partner with you to achieve your IT goals.

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Simplify your building management systems while also reducing your risk. With IaaS, Net-Tech provides and implements the framework that allows your building teams to work more efficiently.

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Protect your organization from constantly changing security threats. IT security includes critical infrastructure, cloud security, staff training, multifactor authentication and more tools to defend your data.

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Never worry about your audits and benefit from lower insurance rates, including cyber insurance. We will put the processes in place to ensure you are in compliance daily, not just at crunch time.

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How to Get Started with Better IT Support from Net-Tech

Net-Tech goes beyond the managed IT services Seattle organizations require by offering comprehensive IT support. Our approach takes your organization from break-fix solutions to a solid long-term IT strategy.


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Speak with us to learn about what our IT Subscription Program provides. We are more than an internal IT team or an MSP. We are your IT department that already has the expertise your organization needs for successful tech.


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Subscribe and receive proven systems, new computers every 3 years, security as a service and more, according to your organization’s needs.


Migrate your Data

Step back and let us take care of your technology. We manage your systems and adjust them as new tech is released and old tech evolves.

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Intentional Change is Our Difference


Total Care Cloud, our IT Subscription Program, takes a long-term view of your technology. As a Professional Technology Organization (PTO), we intentionally plan change with goals, objectives and outcomes laid out to measure progress. Our program typically looks 48 months ahead for planning, whereas typical MSP service plans only look ahead 12 to 18 months.​

Our goal is to understand your needs, so we can align them with your network capabilities to continually improve your IT experience without major capital expenditures. Here at Net-Tech, we don’t simply “take the keys” to your network, we sit down with you to make sure your goals and objectives are supported by your IT infrastructure.

While a “take the keys” approach may address your current needs, it doesn’t allow for scalability. With a Net-Tech IT Subscription Program, your IT support is built around enabling business growth and achieving your objectives, so your network is continuously evolving to meet your ever-changing needs.

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Why United Way of Kings County Chose Net-Tech

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Focus on your mission; we’ll support your IT

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