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Total Care Cloud

Expertly managing your IT needs, including hardware, software and service in a way that remains affordable, scalable and standardized.

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One proven solution

Net-Tech streamlines your IT infrastructure through one tested and proven solution that can scale from a 300 person company to 400 people in 20 offices.



Net-Tech values transparency in all aspects of business. Our clients receive consistent and predictable results no matter the size or shape of their organization.


Absolutely simple

IT doesn't need to be complicated and it doesn't need to be customized. Net-Tech dramatically simplifies your IT delivery so your business can can grow without the growing pains.


Takes the stress out of IT

Net-Tech doesn't build custom technology stacks, we build processes that have been proven and streamlined so your organization can function stress free.



Hear from our clients

  • What is different about Net-Tech is the complex IT services they provide, the CIO role and depth of experience that the team had, to accomplish strategic IT integrated services.

    Kathryn Flores
    Chief Administrative Officer
    Child Care Resources

    The folks at Net-Tech did more than just anticipate a network problem. They spoke with their friends and families of the athletes or the athletes themselves. That’s what matters.

    Eric Corning
    Vice President Production
    2018 USA Games

  • I feel like I can trust the team at Net-Tech to NOT over sell me on products or services. They are more like a trusted ally who helps me navigate the IT challenges we face on occasion without them becoming all consuming – and without worrying that I just got taken advantage of.

    Dave Lenox
    President & CEO
    Special Olympics Washington


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