IT Compliance

Keep IT Compliance Top of Mind

IT compliance management isn’t something that should be tackled the month of your audit – it needs to be top of mind all year round.



Don’t Put Your Reputation and
Insurance at Risk

Failing an audit can have devastating consequences for your organization. It can increase cyber insurance rates, cause you to lose the policy, or negatively affect your reputation. By not having a solid approach to IT compliance management, you’re putting your entire organization at risk.



Do More than Pass the Audit

IT compliance management is essential when it comes to meeting cyber insurance requirements, keeping insurance costs low and passing any audits that come your way. However, this approach to your business has plenty of other benefits to bring to the table, too. With better attestation, compliance can be easier than ever as you’re more informed about your company and can measure year-after-year performance. And thanks to the year-round monitoring and reporting, you can also identify issues before they become a problem and highlight paths toward the best solutions.


Take a Systematic Approach to Your IT Compliance Management

As part of the Total Care Cloud package, IT compliance management with Net-Tech allows you to take a smarter approach to your needs, goals and gaps. We’re handling all the necessary aspects, so your IT compliance policies and procedures are cohesive, working together with your organization. And you’re not just addressing an issue when it arises – with fully managed options, we can handle everything you need under the compliance and audit requirement umbrella.


Align Your Compliance Policies with Your Organization

For many businesses and nonprofits, their compliance policies aren’t on the best terms with their organization as a whole. This could make it difficult to run your organization while also meeting IT compliance requirements and passing audits. It doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to align your compliance policies and procedures with every aspect of your organization, so you don’t constantly feel like compliance is an uphill battle.

Compliance Policies

Worry Less About Audits

With year-round management, last-minute preparation for audits is a thing of the past, and you can ensure that your organization is in compliance every day.


Measure Your Organization’s Improvement

With Total Care Cloud, your organization can clearly see where improvements are being made to your compliance and audits.

Total Care Cloud

Work Toward Compliant Solutions

Thanks to more insight into your compliance policies and procedures, identifying the best solutions to keep your business moving forward is easy.


IT Compliance Shouldn’t be a One-Size-Fits-All Package

While your organization may have some of the same audits as the next, that doesn’t mean your approach to IT compliance should be the same. From failing to do risk reviews to poor alignment with business policies, you need a solution that fits the gaps in your organization. Net-Tech helps you:

  • Improve your processes (even outside of IT)
  • Put compensating controls in place
  • Build up a risk management plan that best serves your needs
img-sg8-work-toward-a-successful-audit img-sg8-work-toward-a-successful-audit

Work Toward a Successful Audit


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Identify Your Organization’s Gaps
Beginning with an assessment, Net-Tech will work with you to
uncover any gaps, concerns or problems when it comes to your IT
compliance management.


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Subscribe to the Total Care Cloud
As part of the Total Care Cloud package, your organization can take
advantage of IT compliance services as well as IT support.


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Focus More on Your Work
With fewer compliance and audit woes on your mind, you can focus
more than ever on your work and improving your bottom line.


10+ Years Helping Organizations Like Yours Meet Compliance Requirements

With over 10 years of helping businesses and nonprofits pass their audits and ensure compliance, Net-Tech understands what you’re up against. We have experience working within the boundaries of NIST, SOC, PCI1, PCI2, HIPAA and others. By partnering with us, you’ll have experts with the experience and knowledge you need on your side.