United Way of Kings County Trains for an IT Solutions Victory

Darrell Powell, CFO of United Way of Kings County (UWKC), inherited a recurring issue when he stepped into his role: a constant need for IT solutions. The UWKC IT team came to him daily with new problems. With the help of Net-Tech, Powell was able to fundamentally change UWKC’s IT approach.

We Don’t Just Take the Keys: The Road to Better IT Solutions Starts with a PTO

When working with MSPs, the biggest IT problem many organizations face isn’t technical or software related. It’s an issue of approach. When you’re onboarded by an MSP (Managed Services Provider), they simply “take the keys” to your IT systems, meaning they get all the passwords from the former party and continue to manage a system they didn’t build.

Don’t Downsize, Rightsize Your IT Team

In the last year, most Seattle businesses found themselves needing to pivot their operating strategies. Very few industries have continued to work “business as usual,” and those that survived have had to contend with increased cybersecurity risks and other key network security vulnerabilities due to the transformation of their team and office structure.

Rethinking New Technology Adoption for 2021

We see this all the time. Too often, organizations get caught up in flashy new technologies and don’t realize it’s a bad investment until it’s too late. Most small to medium size businesses do not have the time or expertise to fully integrate, talent need to support it and whether the new technology is going to provide the ROI.

As we flip the calendar on a year that has required more pivoting than ever before, the lure of new technology to “fix” what didn’t go right in 2020 can be very strong.

IT Support Puts Out Fires So You Don’t Have To

Unless you’re an electrician, wiring your own house can have disastrous results. A DIY approach does not provide IT support to your business, nonprofit or organization. It actually causes avoidable ‘fires’ that take you all day to put out.