Formerly known as Newport Hills, Newcastle, Washington is a very young city with a deep and colorful history. It made its mark in history for being one of the most successful coal mining towns in the northwestern Washington area. The region played a significant role in fueling the economic growth of Seattle and its nearby regions throughout its history.

Home to over 13,000 residents, it is the 74th largest city in Washington and amongst the steadily growing cities in the region. Incorporated in 1994, coal mining and timber were the primary industries that spurt growth in the region since the late 19th century.

Newcastle took its name from Newcastle upon Tyne in England. Coal mining was one of its most lucrative industries during its earlier years. Surveyors Philip H. Lewis and Edwin Richardson discovered coal along Coal Creek in 1863 while they were surveying land for the General Land Office. After a decade, 75-100 tons of coal were being produced in the region. Coal mined from Newcastle were delivered by rail to Seattle, attracting the construction of more railways in the area. This includes the Great Northern Railway, a crucial railroad in the history and development in the Pacific Northwest area.

Coal mining in Newcastle started during the 1870s. By the time these mines closed in 1963, over 13 million tons of coal had been extracted from the city's mines. This rich history lingers in several areas in the region such as the Coal Creek, China Creek Golf Courses and the Coal Creek Parkway.

Suburban development came in the 1960s and overshadowed the history of Newcastle. During this period, the area became known as Newport Hills. Residents sought to incorporate the region as a new city. During the process, five parcels of lands of Newport Hills became part of Bellevue and took away half the population of the community. Despite these changes, Newport Hills did gain city status. Choosing a new name became inevitable to avoid confusing the area with the Newport Hills neighborhood now in Bellevue. Newcastle took its former name, winning over Cougar Mountain as the official name of the city.

Today, Newcastle sits as one of the best places to live in the Seattle region. It emits a dense yet relaxing suburban appeal to its residents. There are plenty of shops and parks to enjoy, perfect for growing families and job opportunities for young professionals. Political views are quite moderate and the neighborhood friendly.

Fun activities and places to see are plenty in the city. Among the most popular destinations in the area includes the Coal Creek Falls Trail. It is a forested trail with beautiful falls waiting at the end of the tour. The Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park offers spectacular views of nature in the area. For fishing, boating and swimming, Lake Boren is a must stop destination in Newcastle, Washington. Enjoy time at the beach, close to many water activities at the Lake Sammamish State Park accessible from Interstate 90 at exit 15 or via the northern end of State Route 900.

Nearby cities located close to Newcastle include Mercer Island, Renton, Bellevue, Issaquah, Media, Tukwila, and Boulevard Park.

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