What is DaaS?

Enable your employees to work from home

A better solution for those remote workstations

The global pandemic is prompting many of today’s businesses and organizations to support employees working from home. Working from home will minimize health risks for your team. However, it also introduces additional workflow challenges and cybersecurity risks to your enterprise, especially if your workforce is new to managing remote access.

Is your team prepared to work from home safely and productively?

Here at Net-Tech, we want to make it easy for you to transition your workforce. With our Total Care Cloud subscription program your team can work safely and securely from home with laptops, phones or home computers.

  • Each team member receives a laptop.
  • Stay securely connected to your data, office applications and programs.
  • Communicate with your team via online communication tools.
  • 24/7 access and ‘round the clock protection of your data.

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What’s Included?

  • Each team member receives a laptop – always connected to your data
  • Stay securely connected to office applications and programs.
  • Stay connected to your team via online communication tools
  • 24/7 access and ‘round the clock protection of your data

Outcomes you can expect

  • Infrastructure efficiency
  • Vendor management
  • Happy employees
  • Secure access
  • Uptime
  • Compliant solutions
  • Strategic direction
  • Long term ROI
  • Cost transparency
  • Consistency and responsiveness

How it works


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