How Net-Tech Provides IT Support as a PTO

Whether you’re a small business looking for IT support, a large company looking for additional technology resources or are a non-profit needing IT service, Net-Tech can support your organization. Check out our videos below to discover how we support clients as a Professional Technology Organization (PTO).

Solutions, Not Resolutions: 5 Tech Lessons from 2020 That Need Your Attention

There were many changes that affected organizations around Seattle in 2020. Now is a great time to reflect on everything you learned this year and make resolutions that will help your organization thrive in 2021. As we move into the new year, your IT plan needs to evolve as well to keep pace with changing vulnerabilities and threats.

Watch our short video to help you plan for IT success. It focuses on the top 5 tech takeaways from 2020 and how organizations can learn from them to achieve even greater success in 2021.

Have any questions about your organization’s current IT plan? Get in touch today to find out how we can help you proactively manage your IT.

Does your IT Solution Support Your Line-of-Business Apps No Matter Where They Live?

Are your line-of-business applications getting the support they need? Chances are you have critical apps both onsite and in the cloud. As your LOB solutions scale in scope and size, your in-house team will find it harder to keep pace. While MSPs can give you advice, you’ll have to pay separately for hardware, software and effort. There has to be a better way. In this blog post, you’ll learn how a PTO (professional technology organization) like Net-Tech provides affordable, end-to-end support by integrating everything your IT environment needs to succeed.

Net-Tech helps isolated seniors stay in touch with family

Caring for the community has always been a priority for us and we’ve been reaching out to clients to find ways we can help during the pandemic. This spring, Net-Tech worked with Tracey Harvey, Director of Community Solutions at Living Care Lifestyles, to supply their residents with over 40 laptops at no charge so the seniors stay in touch with loved ones from the safety of their homes during the pandemic lockdown. Take a moment and watch this uplifting video.

How to Get the IT Hardware You Need

How will you provide the IT tools your team requires to succeed? If you are partnered with a Professional Technology Organization (PTO), you don’t give it a second thought. Extra hardware is provided when you need it and removed when the seasonal staff leaves. Watch this video for more information and to understand how a PTO differs from traditional purchasing and leasing models.

IT Tool Decision Making, Simplified

The right IT tools can enhance your security, improve communication and even foster collaboration. But the selection process is riddled with risks. When you know what to look for, you’ll avoid the risks, capitalize on opportunities created through technology and achieve goals.

Focus on your mission; we’ll support your IT

At Net-Tech, we believe nonprofits like Child Care Resources (CCR) provide invaluable resources to our community. Watch the video and discover:

  • Ways we support CCR and work with nonprofits
  • Why you need a true partner in IT
  • How to determine when you need an external IT partner

Net-Tech Decision-Making

Is your IT decision-making process getting in the way of your growth initiatives? Watch the video and discover if your current process supports your organization’s ability to move forward or if it blocks opportunities.

It's 2020! What's Top of Mind for your IT?

Technology is a fast-paced industry and it’s difficult to know which areas you should focus on in 2020 to streamline operations and drive new opportunities. Use this video the check your 2020 IT priorities. You’ll quickly determine if you’re on the right track.

IT Support for Washington Organizations

When it comes to IT support, it is important to select the best option for your organization. This video highlights the key differences, between internal IT, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and a Professional Technology Organization (PTO).

Reduce Your IT Risk by Partnering with a PTO

A Professional Technology Organization (PTO) keeps your organization running smoothly and shelters you from the unpredictable nature of the technology industry. Learn more about how a PTO protects you from unnecessary IT risks and other security vulnerabilities by watching this video.

Non-Profit IT Support

Net-Tech has a long history of providing IT services to non-profits throughout Washington. We fully understand the challenges the sector faces and know how to overcome these problems and design solutions within budget without sacrificing productivity, functionality or security. To learn more, listen to Wellspring Family Services’ CEO Heather Fitzpatrick describe how Net-Tech works with non-profit agencies.