6 Tech Questions To Ask Your IT Support Team

6 Tech Questions To Ask Your IT Support Team

Expert IT support can be difficult to come by, and it’s more important now than ever. The message at conferences, on the evening news, and in magazines is clear. As a leader, you need to be aware of the risks to your organization and you need to take action to protect your sensitive data from attacks.

Many in C-suite roles are not formally trained in technical information security and risk management. As a result, it can be difficult to know even which questions to ask.

We want you to know if your IT security measures up to the standards set by your insurance company. You should also know if your customers are satisfied with the steps you’re taking. Lastly, find out what you are doing to prevent data breaches.

These 3 areas are fundamental to your organizational operations. To determine if your organization is taking the right steps towards meeting insurance requirements, protecting your customers, and preventing data breaches, take a look at these 6 questions.

#1 Do We Need IT Security Insurance?

IT security insurance is an important tool that you can use to protect your organization from losses caused by a cyberattack. There are 2 types of IT security insurance. First-party coverage protects your data, including employee and customer information. Third-party coverage protects you in the case of a lawsuit.

If you already have a IT security insurance policy, be confident that it is appropriate to your level of risk. Net-Tech can evaluate your current policy and provide recommendations if you need to take any additional steps.

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#2 What Do Our Customers Need in Terms of Compliance?

Compliance standards vary widely from one industry to another. Is your current managed IT services provider keeping your organization in compliance with regulations?

Similarly, your organization needs to know if you are meeting compliance standards that affect your customers. Do you have access to a consent center where you can manage your customer settings? Are your security measures up to the standards that govern compliance regulations in your customers’ industry?

Neglecting compliance could leave your organization open to litigation and fines while also damaging your reputation. An experienced IT support team can find the answers and implement the changes your organization needs to meet all compliance requirements.

#3 Is Our Written Information Security Program (WISP) Enough?

Cloud provider iland surveyed 150 technical and business decision makers and found that only 54% had a documented disaster recovery plan. Protecting the personal information of your employees and customers is extremely important. A written information security program (WISP) details exactly how you will keep this data safe. This program should explain the procedures and the technological safeguards your organization is utilizing to address risks and to consistently monitor for new threats.

As a professional technology organization, Net-Tech goes beyond the traditional managed IT services provider’s approach to risk. We’ll develop a WISP with you that addresses all your IT security needs.

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infosec best practices #4 When Were Our Employees Last Tested on IT Security?

Your employees may be used to professional development or continuing education in their own fields. While training in their specialties is important, they need to be savvy internet users as well.

All your organization’s employees should be regularly trained and tested on IT security. Hackers deploy more and more sophisticated attacks by the day. Your employees should know how to identify a phishing attack and be actively implementing key IT security best practices.

#5 Is Our Data Protected Every Step of the Way?

According to Statista, in 2020 over 155.8 million individuals were affected by data exposures. Every organization is responsible for protecting personal information and sensitive records throughout the data lifecycle.

Data creation is the first step in the data lifecycle management process. Along the way, data will be stored, and it may be analyzed and shared. Throughout its lifecycle, data needs to be protected every step of the way.

To protect your organizational data, you need to know its location. Your IT support team can help you chart the flow of your data and ensure that protections are in place throughout each stage of the data lifecycle.

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#6 Does Our Documentation Match Reality?

Your IT support team should develop policies that address compliance and IT security best practices for your organization. But simply having the policies documented isn’t enough. A plan without any action behind it is useless, especially as hackers grow more sophisticated every day.

For example, if your cyber policy states that all employees will use multifactor authentication (MFA) whenever possible, but in reality they aren’t, then your organization isn’t following IT security best practices. Make sure that reality matches your IT security documentation.

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Net-Tech Is Your IT Support Team With the Answers

Protect your network security by answering these questions. If you’re not happy with or uncertain about your answers, it’s time to find the IT solutions that match your organization’s needs.

At Net-Tech, we make it our priority to protect you from accidental human error, cybercriminals, and third-party vulnerabilities. Our monthly subscription programs give you the option to choose the program level that best fits your organization’s needs. Be confident that your IT security measures up to high quality control standards.