Multifactor Authentication Provides Low-Cost & Effective IT Solutions

Multifactor Authentication Provides Low-Cost & Effective IT Solutions

One crack in the wall is enough of an opening for a bad actor to begin hacking away at your network security. Organizations seeking IT solutions against increasing online threats can work with our team at Net-Tech to develop a comprehensive defense plan. Net-Tech will help you increase your security through important layers like multifactor authentication.

Multifactor Authentication Explained

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is an extra step in the log-in process. It requires users to verify their identity through providing two different “factors” of information before they can access their accounts. Users must verify their credentials through correctly supplying information such as: 

  • something you know (like a password) 
  • something you have (like a text sent to a phone, an authenticator app, or a smart card) 
  • something you are (like a fingerprint) 

The credentials asked for in multifactor authentication must come from two different categories. For example, if a website asks for two different passwords, that’s not actually multifactor authentication. Net-Tech helps organizations implement multifactor authentication to improve their network security.

The Authenticator App

Many organizations are now strongly encouraging users to download authenticator apps. These apps provide the credentials that only someone with the phone in their possession could have (category #2). Authenticator apps provide another layer of protection, making them excellent IT solutions.

Why is an authenticator app better? Calls, emails, and text messages containing codes are all susceptible to attacks. Authenticator apps are more difficult for bad actors to access.

Digging In: How Does MFA Provide IT Solutions? 

The extra 10 seconds added to the log-in process when you have to verify your identity with a second factor might seem like an unnecessary hassle. While technology often simplifies our lives, it can also add friction. Some consider setting up MFA and repeatedly authenticating during the log-in process an extra burden. 

More Than Worth the Time

However, organizational leaders need to insist that employees use MFA to keep their accounts secure. The time it takes to supply that second piece of information in addition to the password is necessary, and the cost of MFA is low. 

Employees are still a weak link in network security. Although it’s unintentional, employees do accidentally let bad actors access networks. Phishing attacks and credential stuffing are two methods that bad actors successfully use to access your organization’s data – but MFA can stop them in their tracks.

Remote Work Increases the Need for MFA

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the work environment has changed for many organizations. Some have required their entire staff to return to the office, others have asked employees to come in a couple days a week, while others still have decided to stay completely remote. 

With more employees working remotely, IT security is more important than ever. MFA can help your organization limit the success of those attacks even on networks outside the office. With the help of managed IT services from a PTO like Net-Tech, you can improve your IT security, no matter where your employees are.

When Should You Implement MFA for Your Network Security? 

Setting up MFA depends on your security needs, the size of your organization, and your organization’s preferences. Net-Tech will help you choose the right combination (such as an authenticator app versus text messages codes), and we can help you adjust your settings after rollout. 

Protect Confidential Data ASAP

It’s important to set up MFA as soon as possible, and especially on accounts linked to sensitive data. Your primary email, financial accounts, and any accounts with access to client data should all be protected with MFA. Net-Tech provides the IT support Seattle organizations need to keep data and clients safe.

On Your Side: Setting Up MFA

Setting up MFA will be a slightly different process for different apps. Before you roll out organization-wide mandatory MFA, it’s a good idea to test out the process with an experienced user. 

When it’s time to launch MFA with the entire organization, clear communication is critical. Give your employees advance notice that they will be expected to use MFA. Communicate both the date and time that MFA will turn on for key organizational tools. 

You also should communicate how the second step of verification can be provided. Will employees be required to supply a personal cell phone number, or will they need to use an authenticator app? Every employee needs to know the answers to these questions in advance. 

While many apps already offer MFA as a security feature, if every employee isn’t using it, then it’s a less effective defense tool.

Net-Tech MFA video

Watch and Learn 

How Net-Tech Provides Managed IT Services to Help With Your MFA

Requiring employees to use MFA everywhere it’s an option should be the next step in your IT security plan. It’s relatively simple and low-cost, and it can prevent bad actors from accessing sensitive data. The truth is, employees are susceptible to phishing attacks that can expose confidential data. Unfortunately, organizational leaders should assume that it’s a matter of when, not if, a IT security attack will happen. 

Don’t let a bad actor exploit any cracks in the wall of your defense. It’s crucial to take every step possible to increase your network security. Net-Tech can help you set up MFA correctly, test it, and guide you through scaling for your entire organization. Throughout the process, we will also provide administrative assistance and user training. 

The Total Care Cloud subscription service from Net-Tech includes MFA setup and support. If you still have questions about implementing MFA or would like assistance with setting it up across the apps your employees use, please contact us. 

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