Are You Blocking Opportunities? 5 Questions for IT Decision-Makers

Recently we stepped in to assist a local nonprofit agency with what many would call a “good problem to have.” They were presented with the opportunity to take over another territory which would double their size. At that time, they employed a small internal IT team with some external consultants.

Net-Tech Releases ‘My Best Practice: PTO’

Pioneering IT program available to organizations throughout Seattle
Seattle, WA – Net-Tech, a full-service IT solutions firm headquartered in the Seattle area, announces the release of its storybook My Best Practice: PTO. Set in a zoo, the book is a lighthearted explanation of how organizations benefit from the best practices followed by Professional Technology Organizations (PTO).

The PTO concept was developed over the past nine years and formalized in 2018 by Net-Tech co-founders Matt Bratlien and GL Dart.