We Don’t Just Take the Keys: The Road to Better IT Solutions Starts with a PTO

When working with MSPs, the biggest IT problem many organizations face isn’t technical or software related. It’s an issue of approach. When you’re onboarded by an MSP (Managed Services Provider), they simply “take the keys” to your IT systems, meaning they get all the passwords from the former party and continue to manage a system they didn’t build.

Don’t Downsize, Rightsize Your IT Team

In the last year, most Seattle businesses found themselves needing to pivot their operating strategies. Very few industries have continued to work “business as usual,” and those that survived have had to contend with increased cybersecurity risks and other key network security vulnerabilities due to the transformation of their team and office structure.

Make 2021 the Year You Get IT Right: A Co-Managed IT Approach

Worldwide, businesses spent approximately $4 trillion on IT in 2019. As organizations become increasingly digitally focused, they often struggle to stay on top of the latest technology and IT security. For SMBs, this struggle is particularly intense as the investments needed to maintain this level of service continues to grow.

Net-Tech President Explains Cutting-Edge Cyber Concerns

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which means that now is the ideal time for organizations to review their current cybersecurity practices and to set new goals. With the changes 2020 has brought, your goals for 2021 should differ from previous years.

Consider the security risks of your software

Cybersecurity is an issue that hounds businesses of all types. Sometimes organizations invest in security software without realizing the risks that come with it. Here’s why identifying threats before buying cybersecurity products is paramount.
Uncover threats and vulnerabilities
Every business should evaluate the current state of its cybersecurity by running a risk assessment.