IT Support Program vs. Managed IT Services: FAQs

IT Support Program vs. Managed IT Services: FAQs

We’ve compiled a list of the top frequently asked questions we receive about our IT support program, Total Care Cloud, and how it differs from traditional managed IT services in Seattle. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

General IT Support Program Info

Q: What is Net-Tech's Total Care Cloud IT subscription program?

A: Net-Tech's Total Care Cloud offering is an all-inclusive IT solution that provides organizations with comprehensive IT support at a predictable monthly price. It covers hardware needs, software support, data security, emergency assistance and long-term strategizing, making it a partnership-based alternative to traditional managed IT services.

Q: How does an IT subscription program differ from traditional managed IT services?

A: With traditional managed IT services, businesses are typically bound by limited contracts and may face additional costs for extra support or long-term planning. In contrast, an IT support program like Total Care Cloud from Net-Tech, offers multiple strategies, proactive support, easily accessible communication and a predictable monthly cost for all IT needs.

MSP for a PTO Q: What services are included in Net-Tech's Total Care Cloud IT subscription program?

A: Net-Tech's all-inclusive IT support program includes a range of services, such as:

Q: Which industries benefit from an IT support program like Net-Tech's Total Care Cloud?

A: Net-Tech's IT subscription program is ideal for a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to:

Q: What do we do if we want to cancel our contract?

A: Our IT subscription program typically requires a 3-year contract. Should you need to make a change, a buyout clause can be invoked based on the remaining agreement duration.

Q: Why should I choose Net-Tech over traditional managed IT services providers?

A: Net-Tech goes beyond the traditional break-fix approach by offering strategic long-term planning, custom solutions and standardized processes. As a business partner, Net-Tech ensures your organization meets industry regulations and cybersecurity best practices while providing efficient IT support.


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Features and Benefits

Q: Can Net-Tech's IT subscription program support businesses with remote workforces?

A: Yes, Net-Tech's Total Care Cloud is equipped to support businesses with remote workforces by providing technologies like NetMotion to power remote work capabilities securely and efficiently.

Q: Does Net-Tech offer guaranteed pricing with their Total Care Cloud IT subscription program?

A: Yes, Net-Tech offers a predictable monthly cost, providing businesses with peace of mind regarding their total IT spend, without surprise bills for additional service calls.

Q: Are you secure?

A: Yes. For 30+ years, organizations nationwide have relied on Net-Tech's IT security experts for protection against cyberthreats, human error and vulnerabilities. With our IT support programs, we offer customizable, end-to-end IT security services tailored to your risk profile, budget and tolerance.

Q: We need to keep our data for 7 years. Can you do that?

A: Yes. We can keep your data for as long as you need us to.

Q: We have compliance-driven needs. Can you accommodate them?

A: Yes. As part of our IT subscription program, Net-Tech streamlines IT compliance management, addressing your needs and goals comprehensively. We ensure cohesive policies and procedures that align with your organization, proactively managing compliance and audit requirements. We don’t just address compliance during the few weeks leading up to an audit but proactively manage it 52 weeks of the year to eliminate any unnecessary stress and scrambling during audit time.

Q: Do you manage phone systems?

A: We don’t sell or manage any business phone solutions, but we will act as your IT provider working with a supported vendor.


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Hardware, Software and the Cloud

Q: What about the hardware I’ve already purchased? What do I do with it under your program?

A: We offer a hardware exemption credit for each seat to account for assets you have already purchased.

Q: What hardware would we be given as part of your program?

A: We offer a variety of different classes of computers, both laptop and desktop chasey form. We also include both Mac and Windows devices in our fleet of Hardware as a Service. Additionally, we offer ultrabooks and high-end developer-grade laptops in both chasey formats.

Q: Can I still use a Mac?

A: Yes. You have the choice between Mac and Windows as part of our program.

Q: I own my software license. Can you host it for me?

A: Yes. We host LOB applications for everyone. We host the software for you in our environment.

Where we differentiate from other managed IT services providers in Seattle is that most MSPs would not host the software for you or host it in a different cloud. They ask clients to purchase a colocation rack to host the software. You don’t have to pay for a colocation rack when you partner with Net-Tech; we will do that for you as part of our service.

Q: How do you work with third-party software companies?

A: We act as your internal IT department and work with all kinds of third-party software systems to set up environments that are in spec with software company service requirements.

Q: I am already paying for a SaaS solution from my vendor. How do you handle that?

A: Net-Tech would still manage your SaaS solution for you like an internal IT department would. We can help you interpret what’s going on with your solutions and make the software work with what we’re doing on our side. Advantages of this type of relationship:

  • Less confusion,
  • Fewer phone calls
  • Improved productivity
  • Better conflict resolution

Q: My company has fully migrated to Azure, and I have really high bills. How do I get my costs down?

A: The cloud is great for certain workloads but it’s not cost-effective for everything. We help you use the cloud in the most efficient way possible to get you continual uptime. We recommend NOT having servers in the Azure ecosystem because it’s too expensive for most organizations. We will help you prioritize which workloads make the most sense and are the right fit for the cloud, and then we would move everything else into our cloud for a much more cost-effective setup.


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