Redefining Your Expectations Around MSP Services

Redefining Your Expectations Around MSP Services

Large and small enterprises see expanding the reach of their technology platforms as key to future growth. The need for experienced guidance in installing and maintaining viable IT architecture has led to increased demand over the years for managed IT services. That puts added pressure on Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to deliver on customer expectations in a challenging digital environment. The disconnect stemming from what clients understand about MSPs and the services they provide often leads to client unhappiness with the results.


A recent survey asked 402 businesses about their current level of satisfaction with their MSP. The results showed an average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 13 when these clients were asked about the likelihood of them recommending their MSP to another enterprise. The average rating benchmark for B2B services is 20 to 25. Most other B2B professional services achieved ratings of 30 and over.


The key to improving the relationship between clients and their MSP is better communication and understanding of common managed IT service roles within an organization. Let’s go over a few terms your business may have come across when evaluating your IT management needs. Understanding the intent and limitations of each role will help illustrate why working with a Professional Technology Organization (PTO) can be the answer for your company going forward.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

An MSP traditionally steps in to assist clients with setting up hardware, software and responding to issues related to their IT needs. The tickets submitted for these services fall into three categories:

  1. Break-Fix or Response – The MSP steps in when something that was previously working, stops responding.
  2. Maintenance – MSPs perform proactive maintenance tasks designed to keep your systems running smoothly.
  3. Requests – Items in this category cover any new requirements for the organization. This could be anything from setting up for a new employee to adding and setting up software not outlined in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) currently in place.

Systems Integrator

The term systems integrator is a term often used during the early days of IT to refer to a person who stepped in for any IT needs. This involves doing anything from applying software patches to setting up your desktop for a new hire. The fluidity of the role made it hard to nail down the proper compensation for their rendered services.

Value-Added Reseller

A value-added reseller functioned very similarly to a system integrator. They discovered and purchased technology created by other companies and sold it to clients at a marked-up price. The tech often came attached to packages sold by the reseller, who then installed and set everything up within a client’s organization, usually as a one-time deal.


The term “As-A-Service” has become a catch-all phrase often thrown around for a variety of service platform offerings. MSPs use it in reference to hardware-as-a-service, accounting for the equipment provided to clients to run their organization. Most “As-A-Service” contracts from providers like Microsoft or Apple are rigid and not adaptable to the ever-changing needs of organizations.


Net-Tech believes an MSP should do more than meet the minimum standards usually attributed to that role. Net-Tech is a Professional Technology Organization (PTO), designed to meet every client’s IT needs. A PTO fully manages your IT needs, including hardware, software and service, in a way that is affordable, scalable and standardized. We use clearly defined fee schedules for all services, allowing customers to customize the layout and design of their IT software while using a standardized hardware setup as the base. Our clients gain flexibility and price transparency when it comes to accommodating any changes like new hires, employee departures and adding new technology.

Advantages of a PTO

  1. Streamlined Services – You receive labor, equipment and other IT services rolled up into one package instead of being separated into individual components. This eliminates gaps that can occur when these components are managed separately. Additionally, these services are delivered in parallel to a client’s hiring and firing needs. Net-Tech absorbs the costs of adding or removing any computer hardware based on your current staffing needs. We make sure you have what you need without your business incurring additional charges, allowing for predictability in budgeting.
  2. Ongoing Support – Our package structure allows us to support your company in your day-to-day needs. We’re there to follow-up on any issues, without requiring you to pay us extra for that support.
  3. Future-Proofed Infrastructure – We provide our clients with a solid technological foundation that is still structured to their individual needs. We don’t over-customize hardware or software to the point where the rigidity becomes a liability for your business. You keep the unique flavor of your company while giving every employee access to a common technological platform, giving your business the freedom to grow and expand as needed.

Are you ready to work with a Professional Technology Organization that will deliver the right IT solution for your company? Contact Net-Tech today by calling (425) 452-8324.