Design Your Tech Blueprint With an IT Services Winner

Design Your Tech Blueprint With an IT Services Winner

Creating your March Madness bracket wisely is key during every college basketball championship season. Likewise, choosing the right IT services provider to partner with is a key decision with major consequences for your organization. Whether you’re filling out your bracket or choosing your IT services partner, you want to pick a winner.

If you continue to change managed services providers (MSPs) but your technology problems don’t go away, you’re not alone. It can be difficult to pick a winning IT partner. Many organizational leaders are baffled by persistent IT issues and frustrated that they have to continue to spend both time and energy to find an MSP that will solve their technology problems.

Your IT support team’s approach to your organization’s needs is key. Here’s what you should look for while you’re choosing your IT services partner.

Start With the Process

Working with an MSP to fix your IT support needs is like hiring a handyman to fix issues around a house. That handyman provides a short-term fix when it’s needed. However, if you want to make sure your house will withstand unforeseen issues, you need more than a Band-Aid solution.

Instead, you need a contractor that will work with you to structure your house in the best way for your needs. Rather than short-term solutions, you need a partner that will design a blueprint for your organization’s IT and then build based on your wants and needs.

No matter what your wants and needs are, strong IT security is key to your organization’s success. An MSP may provide a short-term solution to an IT security problem, but are you confident in your long-term IT security?

MSPs typically offer reactive services. While this break-fix approach to your IT may help you skate through and keep your house livable, it’s not a long-term solution. Don’t let your IT burdens hold you back from success.

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Design Your IT Services Blueprint

If your basement keeps flooding, and you’ve worked with multiple contractors who only patch up holes, then it’s time to take a different approach.

Don’t let your IT basement flood. When you choose to work with a professional technology organization (PTO) for your IT support needs, you’re only changing the labor. You’re not fixing your foundation issues or positioning your organization for the future.

Instead of choosing an MSP that will come in and use your existing network, data structures, and group policies, take the long-term approach. Partner with a PTO that will build your network specific to your needs from the ground up. Together, you can design a blueprint according to your current needs and future goals.

Switching MSPs is only switching the labor. A professional technology organization like Net-Tech offers a different approach instead of just a different engineer. Don’t try to fix a flooding basement by hiring a new team with the same expectations. Similarly, make sure you’re working with a team that knows how to use the tools you’ve invested in.

Leverage Your Tools and Products

When you work with a traditional MSP, an engineer supports your account. However, when that engineer leaves that MSP, they takes their knowledge of your organization’s tools with them.

When a new engineer takes over, they may not be an expert in those tools. Buying tools on a case-by-case basis is a major investment. It’s also one that doesn’t pay off when a personnel change at the MSP means that your new engineer isn’t an expert on using your tools – or worse yet, isn’t confident at all in how to best leverage them for your organization.

IT tools are constantly changing as new advances are made, which means that your tools are only as good as the people using them and the processes surrounding them. Changing the labor doesn’t provide the level of support for your tools that your organization needs.

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Implement the Solution

Our team at Net-Tech works to make sure that when your organization invests in any tool, whether it’s Microsoft Office or an employee phishing awareness training program, you get the maximum return for your investment. Our engineers are trained to know their tools, which are included in the cost of your subscription.

Learning doesn’t stop once a new tool is adopted. Net-Tech is committed to keeping our experts knowledgeable of current best practices, no matter how frequently they change. Our experts are trained in working with a wide range of tools, and we continually work to stay up to date with security changes. Net-Tech will adjust your IT blueprint so that it best utilizes security tools to combat bad actors.

From the Blueprint Through Maintenance, Net-Tech Is Your IT Services Provider

While an MSP may inform you that there are new tools to buy, making the investment is a decision that’s left up to you. As a professional technology organization, Net-Tech will take those decisions off your plate and automatically provide your organization with the security tools you need.

At Net-Tech, we make sure our clients don’t have to worry about current or changing standards. Keeping your organization up to date is included in your subscription. You won’t be surprised by any extra costs because the latest and greatest tool is being pushed by your engineer. The best tools for your organization’s needs are included in your monthly subscription.

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